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  1. PoE is nowhere near a endgame replacement

    The raids were not really that hard from a gear perspective, get enough CP and boom they die. The difficulty was bothering to memorize how to do stuff in JV. What actually needs to happen is an actual hard boss fight. I think the final battle of LOR should be kept. Then add more large boss fights like Eidolons but things that require more mechanical skills.
  2. Is Arcane Trickery still god on Ash(Prime)?

    It is not to bad although even with 2 full sets it is only 19% chance, if you bladestorm enough enemies you will get the prod but idk how worth it is is without it being more reliable.
  3. Did something change with operator invulnerability?

    If your frame has a dot on it when you switch to operator then you get kicked back to your frame, that might be it or just a bug
  4. Okay Glaives are neat, but can we use another combo?

    The problem would be the fact that it would be a lot of animation work for relatively low pay off for them. I think adding A quick pistol shot when we have our melee weapon out would be pretty neat too or have a stance that while in melee mode had combos that used your guns.
  5. Okay Glaives are neat, but can we use another combo?

    I think we should have full access to our melee combos. Or even a new dual wielding stance that uses your pistol and melee.
  6. Returning player feeling overwhelmed - advice appreciated

    Sadly most all the continuous type weapons suck now because of some changes they made. If you like synapse though Amprix is similar and better especially with some of the new mods. Right now you should aim to do the junctions on the planets and that will lead you to the story quests that you need to do. Specifically natah, the second dream, and the war within. Also unless you don’t mind spoilers don’t google to much about those quests. XD There are loads of new weapons and frames so just pick something cool looking and try it out or look on YouTube because lots of people have made videos of each weapon. Although today on the dev stream they will be talking about more damage changes so the things that are good now may change after that patch.
  7. Warframe card game + app? "idea"

    That actually sounds pretty interesting
  8. Chroma needs a BUFF

    Chroma doesn’t really need a buff so to speak he is already super strong as a tank and damage dealer. But really that is just 2 abilities, his 4th and 1st need changed some that is all.
  9. Chroma needs a BUFF

    Allowing you to hit millions of damage on your guns is not strong enough for you?
  10. OP or easy?

    1. Get rhino 2. Get shotgun (probably need mods and stuff) 3.??? 4. Profit
  11. [QoL] Loadout Specific Focus please

    If nothing else let me switch my focus school from the arsonel.
  12. Please help... im getting burned out...

    Take a break like everyone has said but if you want to keep playing one thing I like to do is help out new players, it is a different kind of rewarding while still playing.
  13. am i alone on this?

    Like 90% of my missions no one even talks sooo I don’t think that is true
  14. Improving the New Player Experience

    The fact that there are Blueprints for weapons available for credits. Seriously why is this hidden in the market buy menu. Also explanation of how the blueprints work
  15. Onyx- the Kavat Frame

    I am guessing you don’t keep up on devsteams and stuff