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  1. Zakti, buy with plat or find clan?

    Idk about Xbox but I would imagine it is easy to find a clan, I know on pc there are loads of clans recruiting that have stuff researched already most don’t mind if you just join for the stuff.
  2. Can melee get more love in endgame boss content?

    What about a boss fight that required hitting different combos with melee, or using the drop kick or ground slam at different parts too.
  3. Searching for good Warframe for aggresive playstyle

    What frames do you already own? I would recommend Rhino because he is easy to get and is a semi tank jack of all trades. If you just want a lot of ability damage take a look at Ember or maybe Saryn although Saryn is a little harder to get and requires more mods to be very effective.
  4. Grenade/ RPG launcher sentinel, is it viable in warframe.

    I would like something like the Helion rockets sounds awesome as long as it can’t blow itself up or you up.
  5. Trade Forums?

    It is under recruitment for some reason
  6. Price check please. TIA.

    I would guess around 300-400 that is a really strong riven. Of course the problem with higher priced is that you still need to find a buyer so good luck.
  7. Totally Original Weapon Concept: the AkBrakkelok

    No this belongs in my arsenal
  8. Limbo After quest

    Currently there is not a way to get quest frames again, besides plat
  9. Unable to turn in Standing in Cetus [Fixed]

    Same here I had been saving some up for when they changed the price
  10. Has anyone seen the new stances ?

    I got the polearm one I have not used it yet though
  11. How Long Have You Played?

    1600 hours, I started 2013 and have taken some breaks but for the most part played way to much.
  12. New Contest: Arrival on Eidolon!

    My operator got in a fight with a wondering Eidolon
  13. Some people in this game

    lol you need to upload the image to a website like imgur then copy and paste it in.
  14. A message to [DE]Scott about Riven Transmutation

    exactly the under used weapon challenges will be much easier to do and stronger because of disposition