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  1. I could see this working, why wouldn't we have smart grenades
  2. When returning after not being on for a while I always seem to get 50-75 off
  3. What stalker??? lol yah I believe that is intentional
  4. I would say ember is fine, there are a lot of frames that can room clear just as well, she does do a lot of damage compared to how much energy it costs though. Also I think a lot of people are happy with how sh e is already so changing her would be met with a lot of hate. Of course I am a person who doesn't mind someone else doing all the work for me on a mission. So my perspective is different from someone who cares about how many kills they got. A change to the 3 might be nice though
  5. Sounds cool to me I would like more control over our well trained pets
  6. What I don't understand is why they don't just make it a rotation of what is available and what isn't
  7. That sounds really awesome, I love my rocket hammer, art or no art this is a good idea
  8. A week is a pretty long time to do this event enough to get the rewards
  9. I was hoping that he would show up, or send more then a few manics after them 😒
  10. Besides getting a taxi to higher lvl missions you can do the dark sectors in Venus, I would say those are pretty good.
  11. I would still leave before ever getting to 10 dead though, as that is 40 lost points on the last one
  12. You can't continue the mission and have to leave but you do not fail it.
  13. 10 dudes dying doesn't fail the mission, Note I only tested this on the first one not the laters ones
  14. Better ai in general is needed, snipers should try to stay far enough away and shoot from behind cover or maybe go prone even.