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  1. Saryn Loxic lash augment: "contagion cloud"

    it doesn't do much damage at all at the moment and that would make it scale so that would be very nice
  2. Captura Combat Contest is Live!

    The Cephalon's Icy Defense Force Featuring LordMidnightX as Chroma, and Mikhael222 as Frost
  3. Limbo's Statis Deactivates Itself for no Reason

    Zarr in the shotgun mode with enough multi shot instantly breaks it and other weapons hit the cap very fast
  4. Too soon to ask for a Supra Vandal buff?

    I was hoping for better too, I have put a lot of forma on my old Supra with only that increase I might as well stick to the old one instead of redoing it all
  5. Option To Toggle Syndicate Weapon AoEs From Auto To Manual

    Holy cow I had forgotten about that screenshot, such a good time when there was no limitations on Nyx absorb
  6. Design Council Challenge Discussion and Feedback

    you already get the gift of the lotus alert free the design council is an extra with more free catys and reactors so no real reason to complain the game needs more high lvl content. I agree it needs a lvl range though and list the restrictions before hand so unprepared people don't jump into it
  7. New Contest: Captura the Moment!

    Cool guys don't look at explosions they just stand in them
  8. Possibly the king of impossible rivens.

    Do an infested defense with a friendly vauban and an EV if needed, catch all the enemies in Bastille then nuke them
  9. Good (less popular) Solo Frames?

    I like limbo solo because then I can freeze everything without anyone being annoyed, set up a ton of head shots or explosives and destroy everything at once, or just nuke everything. Going into the rift and running past everything is fun too.
  10. rollerblade frame.

    This sounds awesome
  11. How can i delete my warframe account ?

    Sell all your weapons and mods? Or just don't use them if you want a challenge again
  12. Hahaha infiltration and stealth, I run around shooting lightning bolts at people and blowing stuff up with a grenade launcher. Plus the only real infiltration is the convenient vent system that we use to get in... I don't think there is any problem with our enemies developing bigger weapons to try and fight the virtual GODS that we Tenno are compared to them. Plus stealing and driving a tank or motorcycle would be fun XD
  13. Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.4

    nerfing boltace more rip
  14. I would be fine with certain weak points but not having the units be invulnerable until you hit them
  15. Specific UI elements too large

    My UI is to big now and looks ugly, will post pictures later