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  1. Weapons that look like Tenno

    Go to War on Mars and fight the boss there until you collect his 3 parts. Buy the main blueprint on the market and build his parts in the foundry. As for weapons I think the nikana is a very pretty weapon and fits with Excalibur. I also like Braton Prime and maybe a Lex prime for other weapons that fit the style.
  2. Weapons that look like Tenno

    Well good news is you can get Excalibur on mars now from the boss there.
  3. readding the different ammo boxes?

    I think the Omni-ammo box is still in.
  4. Overbuffed hemocyte

    I just bring my Harrow to buff the team and chain the hemo, then my amprex to shred it and kill the adds around it.
  5. Confuse about configuration A B and C

    Those are so you can quickly switch between different builds. Like if you have a build specifically for each faction.
  6. Where to get credits fast for a new player

    If you want him to still be able to kill stuff run the ones on Venus I think they still give 15k each run. Saturn is ok too and you can get him some Ocells there
  7. Where to get credits fast for a new player

    Dark sectors, even the lower lvl ones give decent credits
  8. Mining Upgrades! The Next Improvement

    This is a really good idea, I still think we should have a combat option to farm the resources but this would help too
  9. Changing your warframe name should be free.

    He edited his post, but he said he was going to unhappily uninstall if it did not happen.
  10. Changing your warframe name should be free.

    Considering the way you are acting I would say it fits you then.
  11. Changing your warframe name should be free.

    Lol you made your name, you played on it for hundreds of hours, and now if you don’t get your way you are going to uninstall? What’s wrong with your name?
  12. Smash and grab game mode

    Not a bad idea but it sounds very boring, the whole premise of the game is us being op and murdering things. A mode where most of your team is not able to kill anything is boring.
  13. I would love to redo my dojo but don’t want to wait months just making a couple changes everyday
  14. Mods - Auto dissolve/sell

    That would be really nice, like set it to dissolve all common and uncommon mods when they get over whatever number you set.
  15. 'Do Not Host' Matchmaking Option

    I need it too but then people worry about to many people choosing not to host, of course if everyone in the squad picks not to host then it should just do normal matching.