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  1. LordMidnightX

    Ideas to make Interception less boring

    Some of these sound great, I would love some boss fights added in.
  2. LordMidnightX

    Tenora Visicron

    The minis CD is a pretty big hit, but tenora is a good and semi popular gun so like 100 maybe but if you retooled it and got something better then it would be 300+
  3. LordMidnightX

    Individual Leave Option for ALL Endless Missions.

    This would be nice to have so like minded people could get together, especially on fissures where I want to go at least a few rounds.
  4. LordMidnightX

    Fashionframe contest?

    Hey good luck XD I actually won the Rhino one it is pretty fun
  5. LordMidnightX

    Fashionframe contest?

  6. LordMidnightX

    Fashionframe contest?

    Tobi, one of the guides of the lotus holds regular fashion contests for plat, there is one this Saturday I think.
  7. You can only sell the normal frames back to the game for credits
  8. LordMidnightX

    Problematic behavior of the Panthera's projectiles

    I love my heavy caliber on ogris it makes me feel alive XD
  9. LordMidnightX

    [NA][PC] Looking for helpful clan

    My Clan is Space Avengers in Recruiting. We are a smaller clan looking to grow more, we have a dojo with most all the research but we are in the middle of redoing the full dojo. We have many active core members that play daily but not enough so we are looking for more.
  10. LordMidnightX

    Real Man use Mk1 weapons

  11. LordMidnightX

    Low Level Player Help Beacons

    I didn’t really think of this but older players could use them as well if they are on the lesser used nodes looking for some other resources or doing something different.
  12. LordMidnightX

    New ninja

    The codes go here https://www.warframe.com/promocode here is is a list of the current codes https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1174659310
  13. LordMidnightX

    Low Level Player Help Beacons

    I agree with the opt out but maybe give a bit more then a minute. similar to how you can't join a mission after half is done or after wave 5 or so. That way the player gets a chance to realize they are in over their heads.
  14. LordMidnightX

    Low Level Player Help Beacons

    true but you could still see the mission type which would help you decide
  15. LordMidnightX

    Low Level Player Help Beacons

    it would not take a mr 25 to run though the star chart missions though so there are plenty of players and if the rewards are decent then anyone mr 10+ would be able to help most of the time.