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  1. (PSN)Deeceem's post in should i have cedo or pyrana prime on my loadout was marked as the answer   
    What's the actual loadout? Where are you going to play it? What purpose does it serve? What would you run instead of the one you'd remove? Does the loadout have any synergies? What do you want to achieve with your loadout?  
    Like, if you don't care about anything like or similar to these questions it doesn't matter which one you ditch and you take what you like using more. Both are good for what they are.
  2. (PSN)Deeceem's post in Boar Riven Selling was marked as the answer   
    It's pretty simple. If you need plat and can get an amount of plat you're happy with and you don't care about the Boar I'd sell it. If that's not the case and you have space left, keep it. The Boar (Prime) isn't anything special mega meta op that you would be advised to have in your arsenal with the best build either. It's not a must have. It's a more basic shotgun. One of many. So, it's really just about if you are interested in the weapon or not.
    Regarding the price: I had three good Boar Rivens (dmg, ms, harmless neg, along those lines) and ended up transmuting two of them when I ran out of place because I dared to ask for 100p for Rivens for an unpopular weapon with good stats and couldn't get rid of them for like a week. There ya go.
    You could go to riven.market and check some prices there. Just don't be that guy:"But over at riven.market says it's worth 5k plat." if someone doesn't agree with your price and says nty.
  3. (PSN)Deeceem's post in Silva & Aegis Prime was marked as the answer   
  4. (PSN)Deeceem's post in How much plat would this "God" riven be? I've been told that it's a god riven by two different people? was marked as the answer   
    Depends on the buyer. Personally I never spend more than 100p on a single Riven. I don't care how "godly" someone thinks it is. Riven dispositions change and I don't pay thousands of plat for something only relevant for one (plus variants) out of hundreds of weapons that can become trash after dispo changes or balance changes. This is especially true for melee currently since DE basically already said they're going to "look into" melee/guns soon.
  5. (PSN)Deeceem's post in Build Advice for Inaros Prime was marked as the answer   
    Unless you can't keep up with recasting your 4 for Negation Swarm or Nulli bubbles magically attract you to run into them there's no real point to run Primed Sure Footed over Negation Swarm since it does the same plus more and is cheaper.
    Primed Sure Footed is the lazier option with more capacity cost when you only care about knockdown immunity. Negation Swarm does more, needs maintenence and is cheaper. It's really not that complicated of a choice.  
    Personally, I'd run NS 9.9/10 times. Never both.
  6. (PSN)Deeceem's post in Trading Resources was marked as the answer   
    Not that I know of. People sometimes trade for resources for the dojo research like the Hema by inviting someone in the clan and letting them donate to that research.
    Some resources are tradable outright such as uncut fish and, I think, refined gems which can be quite relevant to some people, I suppose. Endo is tradable via sculptures or letting someone else rank up a mod. In theory credits are also tradable by trading things you can sell for credits, I guess. Not sure how that works out with trade tax or if there are items where it makes sense. Hence the "in theory".
    Anyways, being in the same clan pretty much doesn't matter.
  7. (PSN)Deeceem's post in 30 defense target no damage solo was marked as the answer   
    Range/duration Khora, Eris.
  8. (PSN)Deeceem's post in Help with Red/Orange Crits (Not a Modding Question, I don't think...) was marked as the answer   
    Edit: further below in this thread someone pointed out a fauxpax of mine. The general gist about the mechanic stays the same the multipliers would however change in my example numbers..
    I'm pretty sure this is partly a modding question after all to be honest.
    A good chunk of guns pretty much have very few options to reach orange not to mention red crits -consistently, by themselves, only through basic mods on them-. Melee weapons have the mod Blood Rush which lets pretty much any crit melee reach at the very least almost permanent orange crits up to permanent red crits.
    Regarding how crit chances work: if you have 50% crit chance you have a 50% chance on every single direct hit/damage number to turn yellow. If that happens your crit multiplier (called crit damage on mods) comes into effect. Say your non-crit does 100 damage, then you crit with a critical multiplier of x2 then your white 100 gets turned into a yellow 200.
    Now, if you have 150% crit chance you have a 100% chance that your hits are yellow aka you consistently deal damage multiplied by your critical multiplier. What happens to the other 50%? Basically the same thing as before. Your hits are guaranteed yellow and the 50% give you a chance to orange crit. What happens if you orange crit? Very simple, you increase the crit tier and increase your crit multiplier by another 100%. So, if your crit multiplier was x2 it becomes x4. Meaning if you orange crit your 100 damage become 400. The same happens at 250% crit chance. Always orange hits, 50% chance to red crit. Another crit tier that gives you another 100% of your multiplier. X2 becomes x6. 100 damage becomes 600. And the same once you reach 300% crit chance (guaranteed x6 multiplier) and 400% (x8) and 500% (x10) and...
    These numbers can escalate pretty drastically if more factors get added to actual stats some weapons have at base and if mods come into play as you can imagine.
    That's the basic gist at least. There are of course some other intricacies like Vigilante mods giving you a chance to increase your crit tier, stealth multipliers, warframe abilities, multishot influencing crit chance on beam weapons (if I'm not mistaken) or the Smeeta crit "buff" nerfing your crit chance and therefor your crit tier/multiplier if you have over 200% by setting and locking your crit chance at 200% for its duration. Just to name a few things that can influence your crit or general damage numbers.
    I'd suggest consulting the Wiki for super indepth details if interested.
  9. (PSN)Deeceem's post in Dual Heat Sword VS Fragor was marked as the answer   
    If the question is asked because you are trying to figure out which weapon to invest your - probably - limited resources like a Catalyst or Forma in I'd wait a bit until you get a better one. Not sure if that's still the case but the regular Guandao (MR4) used to be a weapon people recommended as investment-worthy for newer players.
    Anyways, to answer the question: both are okay early on. Assuming you lack a big repertoire of mods yet I'd probably choose the Dual Heat Swords over the Fragor simply because they'll probably feel a bit better than the more sluggish Fragor.
    No need to overanalyze early on. That'll come soon enough.
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