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  1. You are probably right. The dudes who knows, will probably teach the others.
  2. I prefer to play with factions, with some frameabilities divided by classes (Like the Mass Effect 3, 4 PvE). Ex: Grineer Tank. 1 - Defensive Bubble. 2 - Slam attack. 3 - Freeze aura 4 - invoke Cats (lol) Red Veil Operative Assassin 1 - Harrow Chains 2 - Speed Boost 3 - Loki Invisibility 4 - Ash Finish leap Better than Broken Warframe Abilities.
  3. Well, we are talking about the lack of challenge.
  4. I think they are screaming, because you can revive them. Did you know that? IF not, Check Wiki or Youtube to learn how. If you are te Host, just TEXT: "Host is leaving" and go to extraction. You can do whatever you want with your time, but don't need to ruin the experience of your fellow comrades with a surprise "HOST MIGRATION". If they decide to stay, well... not your problem anymore.
  5. There is challenge. But if you always play with the META you will never find it. Profit Taker is very fun if you play as Zephyr. Try Tridolon without a Trinity and FrameBuffs (Chroma, Harrow, Rhino). Very Fun Fight. (Vazarin or Unairu to keet the lures alive) All 3 Sorties without change the configuration? Kuva Survival without Saryn, Nekros or Limbo... Nyx is the way to go!
  6. Yes, more enemies, more crewships... but is pointless. Earth is the best place for Titanium (Asteroids, 750x reward that never drop). On Console, is better farm for PLATS and buy the repair drone. OR wait for the next update. Edit: For Avionics, Components and Armaments, YES! Rare Avionics, MK3 components = VEIL
  7. Harrow + Pyrana Prime [Corrosive + crit]. Build Crit, Stun the boss, pew pew pew. Very fast, and secure kill.
  8. Anyone with Spring and Naberus Ephemera. DELETE DELETE [Dalek voice]
  9. Play Solo, wait your lich spaw. Wait he convert 10 thralls... be happy
  10. Not a Scam. Use in frames that take damage, like Chroma or any Rage Hunter Adrenaline build. White Chroma was born for that.
  11. "ntrinsic Points are earned by completing Empyrean missions and performing actions that aid in the mission's success, such as repairing hull damage, killing boarding parties, etc. The rate at which these points are earned is affected by Affinity Boosters and the relevant  Charm buff." Font: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Intrinsics
  12. Sigma Reactor MK3 is more than enough to clear Veil Solo. You don't need a Perfect 100% Railjack for these low level missions. I don't know why veterans and youtuberes are complaining. Really Tenno's, we are better than this. My Build can MELT everything on Veil. I'm bored! Lavan Shild MK3 = 861 Shield Zekti Engines MK3 = +36.5 Km/h +0.29 boost Sigma Reactor MK3 = 50 Avionics, 100 flux Zekti Cryophon MK3 +54.3% fire rate Galvarc MK3 Bulkhead[zekti max] Hull wave[vidar max] Warhead[lavan max] Polar Coil [zekti max] Hyperstrike[Zekti max] Section Density[Lavan max] Void Clock Fire Supression Particle Ram
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