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  1. I don't know... probably the new Nightwave, like the fugitives and the Wolf.
  2. Any team. You just need to protect the YELLOW base and don't pick up any points. The other players will score for you. Gara, khora, Vauban, Mesa, Frost... any StunFrame can help. Operator + Umbra. Magus Lockdown... Mesa Zenurik... Sorry for my bad english.
  3. Yeah...but.... why not cumulative points? Why we should stay 3h in a single mission? I love hard things... but this is just a waste of time. Just imagine if you die your last life with 19,900 points after 2:40 H? Or your family needs help...or internet ...or something... Not fun... I ran out of ammo after 50min...my mistake... waste my time... get bored... quit!
  4. Earth Bounty Hunter = Escort the drone + Plague Star. Me: DE, I'm a joke to you?
  5. Quick FIX for NW. Day limit: You can only do X quests per day (or week). Permanent Quests: New quests will be added every week, but the old ones will remain until the end of the event. Play with friends: Bonus rewards (2x XP), but you can play solo if you want. This is based on 'SMITE Odyssey Quests' (season 4 and 5 ).
  6. Wrost nightwave. 1hour kuva = GOOD [Skill, challenge, love it] Resource/time-gates = BAD DESIGN, BAD DEVELOPMENT, BAD BEHAVIOR. Play with "friends" = Region Chat, Begging for help, New Temporary frind, Chek Chek. Mr.26 here... have all modulars [9 of 7 Amp's] Nice DE, very good! Ninjas play without(Free)will! by digital Extremes-Arts
  7. 2x Xp (or any +%) - Party with friends Normal XP - Solo I'm begging! 60min Kuva SUV was COOL, but the last 30min my "friend" started to complain. All my fun died! (sorry, bad english. I understand almost everthing, but i can't write well).
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