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  1. Nyx Assimilate + Reave (revenant) --> also: Ivara infiltrate + Reave Nyx Chaos + Breach Surge (wisp)
  2. Rebecca said: "not this year" and we have 3 months to: - Nightwave Boss. - Scarlet Spear (if they keep the promisse to return this year) - New Prime (Nezha or Nidus) - Cambion Drift Part 2 (Rank 4, 5 Necraloid, new Necra and possible boss fight?).
  3. Please DE we need this! /kill [in EidoHunts, i need to beg ppl to let me die... please, don't revive i'm bugged!] and /clean (to clean the squad and clan chat).
  4. Warframe cross Save is near impossible. Way more hard than cross play. They will need to change the entire market (and trade) system. Sony will never allow you to buy Inaros Prime Acess on Xbox and use it on Playstation, and vice versa. Slots, Warframes, weapons, resources, platinum... jesus...imagine the pain! That's why games should only have cosmetics sold for "real money".
  5. Good idea, try the builds before spent forma. A Target Dummy would be nice. Neutral objective just to see the output damage without modifiers.
  6. The 1st with Fireblast(Ember). Warcry + Prolonged Paralizis [Argument for 3], then Fireblast. Great CC and Damage.
  7. I disagree. I have problems with the new token system, but the grind was easy.
  8. The new Limbo is boring. Stop time + Cataclysm should never be allowed. The problem with Limbo before the Rework, was BANISH and DE didn't change that... Instead, they create a much more problematic skill, the 3. The "tap tap jump to limbo" infuriates me. (bring back WALK, plz!) --- Stop time is cool... but not on Limbo. Try Nyx or Protea! Btw, Old Limbo was my most beloved warframe! RIP
  9. Xaku is already phenomenal, this is a HUGE buff DE, you guys are crazy (i'm not complaining).
  10. Railjack 3 fixes: 1 - Exit Terminal for clients: When the current mission is over, the clients can leave the Railjack and return to their orbiters. The host will need to return to the DOJO with the railjack. 2 - Vote Option: Only the host should be able to select new missions. Like in the open worlds (selecting a new Bounty), the Clients should choose if they want to continue or leave (returning to Orbiter and not a host migration). 3 - Pilot Priority: Any player can pilot the Railjack, but when the Host push the button to pilot, he should replace the current pilot.
  11. We need a rework in ALL warframes, Like MOBA games when the Developers try to balance everything. Some will need a little fix, others a huge rework. The helminth will expose how bad some abilities are (like, Mind Control or Banish... bring back my old and good WALK).
  12. I could have just use Acuse + Gaze and killed everythin with my Stropha or a Kuva Nukor (high status + void Damage = Profit) very fast. Xaku kit is very strong, but you need to learn how to use it. Also, " Void damage deals full damage to enemies with either of these enhancements, but is still diminished greatly by the damage resistance applied to heavily armored enemies along with its inherent ineffectiveness against Cloned Flesh and Fossilized health types." https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Damage/Void_Damage
  13. I was showing the skills, and play style, not trying to complete the level.
  14. He is bad on DEFENSE (can't protect the target), but check this... steel path (i don't have the cool maps, but works against Heavy gunners lvl 170)
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