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  1. 1 hour ago, Leyers_of_facade said:


    Yes and no. Steam charts won't be perfectly accurate because not everyone plays via steam.

    However, unless you have reason to believe that at least one of the following is true

    - there is a significant bias of the player population represented by steam charts (ie, the type of players with specific activity periods that use steam and those that do not are significantly different)

    - there is a major aggregate influx / outflux of people using steam to launch warframe 

    then steam charts will still be a decent sample that one can look at. 

    Just like in presidential researches, you can't really ask "everyone" which president they would prefer before the actual vote, you typically can only work with asking a "large enough sample" and get a reasonable conclusion with good confidence (95% confidence). Similarly unless you believe that the sample represented by steam charts has innate bias, it will at least be a good indicator of what is happening in wf.


    Personally, I have definitely seen chats get extremely inactive at times, although I believe it might be chat servers being wonky... again. 

    That being said, it likely is the case that wf's popularity is going down, or at least, we can speculate that from Leyou's (DE's parent group)  2019 financial statements ( it was an absolute eyesore)



    Yea exactly. I just thought it was weird the steam chart numbers are ok, but the chat activity is way down. 

    As for people accusing me of being just another troll. I have played this game for 5 years now. Done everything including making a successful clan, and wrote very popular guides. So no im not just some dude passing by to troll.



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  2. Just now, (PS4)Viveeeh said:

    Are you talking about one time, or the chat channels are consistently slow nowadays? Were you playing on your regular server and at a time where there isn't the middle of the night in that region?

    I didn't notice anything unusual on PS4. 

    No consistently, and i play at different times. 

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  3. 7 minutes ago, fuffi2milka said:

    but you still dont need most of the new weapons or warframes 😉 i can play high end stuff with old and pimped gear

    That is definetly a problem that isn't DE's fault. That's just the nature of such a large game. The +tau damage from weapons and more enemies that benefit from +tau could be a solution. Implementing special damage types. I'm just trying to think of answers, but im no expert on game development.

  4. 6 minutes ago, -AxHx-Vile said:

    Oh, another one of these threads.

    The vast majority of people that can answer this properly are long gone or were never even here.

    Well DE used to listen and now I feel like they don't anymore. They try to fix things that weren't a big problem in the first place. Like alerts. Yea, for some they miss the alerts a lot. But at least you can farm platinum in some other way then buy the stuff from the alert. The nitain was a pain for people who miss alerts. Well simple solution would be to put nitain somewhere else. Instead they create nightwave nobody asked for.

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  5. For me:

    1. I'm a warframe vet max MR, been playing since 2016, got all the best items, 100 weapons completely formad, and at least 50 good rivens for the weapons i use. Then you put nightwave there and now I got to fish, farm resources like minerals etc THAT I'VE ALREADY DONE. You want me to forma weapons when I have nothing left to forma and gild weapons when I have nothing left to gild. It's just plain boring. I do a lot of stuff like farm resources a ton so that I don't have to do it again for a long time, then you want me to do it? Yes, I can skip nightwave, but I want the rewards from it.

    2. Not enough content, too much focus on ambitious updates only for them to be mediocre.

    3. Nerfing of rivens. I spent so much time hooking up my rivens only for them to be nerfed into the ground. Some of the weapons I went for specific percentages too so that it reaches specific stats without of which the build wouldn't work well. Now I don't even feel like getting rivens anymore.

    People who haven't quit. Ya'll can troll me and say so what no one cares. Except the player base has shrunk which speaks for itself.

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  6. Hello,

    I was just in a public survival and I wanted to solo extract. The timer started and another player when to join me for extraction. But that player kept going to extraction then leaving, which would make the timer go away each time. I had to restart the timer several times. Took 4 minutes to extract.

  7. Warframe will always cater to casual players and casual players generally want and enjoy nightwave. Since nightwave is catered toward casuals, then please leave end game rewards out of nightwave. So that end-game players can ignore Nightwave all together. In the end this is better because these end-game players will not burn out and continue to play warframe. I've been playing warframe steadily for 4 years now. I did take occasional breaks but they only ever lasted 1 to 2 weeks. Now I find myself taking longer breaks more frequently.

  8. What's great about warframe before nightwave came out, was you had choice of what you wanted to do. For e.g. I love fissures, but I hate fishing. Well I could farm fissures all day, sell prime stuff for platinum and then buy fish. Now I *HAVE* to farm fish when i despise it. So essentially, I went from liking warframe to despising it.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Fiftycentis said:

    I think it would be a nice QoL addition, maybe only up to 2 of them (or you know, cat/dog fest in the orbiter).

    Maybe after one get the boosted incubator segment. Having to remove from stasis a pet everytime is just a big loss of time (I don't think most of the players care about the credit cost like with those useless life supports).

    And I'm one of those players that rarely use something that's not a sentinel (still have to try moas because of time)

    Yea, or they could make it like sentinels. The beast that shows, is the one in your current loadout at the time. And any beasts you don't want depreciating, can be put in stasis.

  10. Bro, calm down lol.

    I genuinely don't understand. The AI imo is fine except for occasionally running too far away, which they can definitely fix. I don't see what that has to do with what im saying. Maybe I'm wording it incorrectly. What i mean is I want two incubators or something similar. Where I can equip in loadout, different beats. For example, with nekros I want smeeta, with another warframe something else.


    I changed the title with more accurate wording.

  11. This has been an ongoing issue recently. Sometimes I do not get cephalon simaris points after scanning a target from a daily mission. The game registers that I have scanned it and gotten points during the mission, but after extracting, the points do not register.

  12. I was just in sortie 3 defection. I was escorting my set of guys. Another guy in the pub was leeching and not escorting. He kept spawning the npcs and letting them die. I couldn't do anything because I was already escorting my own guys. We ended up failing the mission at the last set of guys. On top of that you made it so we have to be close to the npcs or else they run really slow. You've made an already annoying mission even more annoying.

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