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  1. Just wanted to log in to drop a message here that I haven't received mine yet either, even though my friend and I started watching at the same time, and I even stayed a good 30 minutes after the dev's left the stage just to ensure I met the time quota. He has received the Ash Prime and I have not. I checked my Twitch account to ensure my account was linked and it definitely was--in fact for 9 months now. I've received the Trinity Prime, as well as other Twitch drops in the past. No rush, but in case there needs to be some means of informing that I didn't receive, thought I'd drop a message here!
  2. When an enemy affected by Spores dies, they spread to surrounding enemies. This makes it much easier to keep Spores active. *Developer Note: We are particularly apprehensive about Spores behaving this way since we’ve paired it with an already experimental mechanic - it is the most likely portion of the rework to be highly reconsidered before launch.  Honestly I like this tidbit more than the other rework? I feel like I'm going to get a lot of crap for this. Mind you the ability to detonate all spores by simply recasting it is fantastic, but this particular re-work I hope goes to live and doesn't get an immediate nerf. Right now, a spore-based Saryn works best (in my personal experience) with high level enemies. With low level enemies they die so fast that the spores never spread. Having it spread regardless of level--now on the contingency of death makes easier for me to select Saryn regardless of what level mission or mobs I'm fighting, so as long as she fits the criteria for myself (solo) or a team. Just my two cents!
  3. So I posted my thoughts and what I perceived to be bugs following the hotfix last Wednesday; some of them are on this thread while the rest are scattered throughout various hotfix threads. I've voiced my concerns over other forms of communities as well as Twitter for the hell of it. Since the developers has not admitted that what I viewed as bugs to be unintentional, I'll just assume that despite the initial wording from @[DE]Rebecca were intended to inform that buffs were supposed to apply to normal onslaught. After relentlessly playing a good bit of normal (and attempting elite) onslaught over the weekend, both in solo and party/pub play, I have one thing to say that encompasses all I'm about to type: Can we get just a little bit of love for the solo players? The introverts? The small duo teams? I spent so much time this weekend trying to figure any possible way to even get to wave 8 or 10 on normal. As per the forums and Reddit, I tried: 1. Banshee Quake 2. Banshee Silence 3. Trinity Link 4. Saryn Spore 5. Equinox Maim 6. Neutral and Slow MP Nova 7. Mag Magnetize and Polarize. Every build, without fail tends to end around zone 6 or 7. I think I made it to zone 8 maybe twice and zone 9 once. It is absolutely insane how much of a difference four people running corrosive projection makes. It's the difference between taking several shots or swings at a Grineer or Corrupted unit in zone 7 versus me slicing through them like butter on zone 11 with a group of four. Look, I'm not asking for a nerf to corrosive projection--in fact I've spent so many forma changing the polarity's of my frames that'd be the last thing I want right now. I'm not asking to make all of onslaught easier either--because then it'd be far too easy in a group. Can we just have..a little bit of scaling depending on the number of players? I mean in terms of enemy health or armor, not nerf the amount that spawns because frankly that just tanks the efficiency. Despite the founder badge (as if that even means anything), I'm actually a semi-returning player. I don't want to call myself casual, because frankly when I do play I'll go hardcore and everything. But I did take a huge break after PoE came out and I only recently came back to the game at the start of the year. So because of that, I'll be first to admit that I didn't get a chance to get every stalker event mod and I'm definitely missing primed mods. And that's the problem. Every time over the weekend I've brought up the inquiry of "Hey, is it possible to do this mode solo or duo?" "I'm only looking to get to 8 or 10 for a chance at Khora parts and some light focus farming" because I know I don't have the gear to slide attack and clear half the room. I want to get there. But I have to be patient. Because if I happily march my way to Warframe.market and buy all the primed mods that are considered necessities, that's easily 1,000 platinum minimum. When Baro came around a couple weeks ago, all he had was bane mods. In fact I don't even know when the last time he had primed reach, pressure point, and all those goodies were. The last "good" one I picked up was target cracker. Isn't that end-game level of gear though? Fully maxed primed mods is required to get to wave 8 consistently? I know I know, someone here is going to ask "Well why don't just you pug it?" I do. Despite the fact that host migration is still an issue half the time, I do because it's absolutely an exercise in frustration to solo right. But my question is why is it so damn hard after the patch to just get to wave 8? Like despite not having all those delicious primed mods, I do own a Tigris Prime, I do own an Akstiletto Prime, an Amprex, Synapse, Lanka, Plague Zaw, Orthos Prime--the list goes on. All of these have been forma'd multiple times with catalysts. I might be time-gated by primed mods, but my arsenal is by no means "crap". As for the frames, I own every normal frame sans Harrow, Nidus, and Khora (although I have bits and pieces of all them). But the question begs. Why do I need top of the line, end-game gear to go 15-20 minutes on a mode that's aimed at level 20-30 enemies? I just don't get it. Why is it harder to go 20 minutes in normal onslaught than it is to solo a Sortie? Why is it harder to go 20 minutes here than 35-40 minutes at Mot in the void? Why is the difference between solo and party play so big here compared to other modes in the game? I'm not asking for things to be handed to me on a silver platter. I'm not asking to be able to compete with organized teams on the leader board. Hell, I don't even care about the leader boards. I'm saying that a solo player should be able to easily get to zone 20 with minimal effort. That's not at all what I'm asking. What I want to know is why are enemies so damn tanky by freaking wave 5? A seven forma Amprex with fully-leveled mods barely tickle Grineer and Corrupted. Why? Lastly, despite this pseudo rant/plea, I'm absolutely open to suggestions and criticism. I get a sensation here that someone will tell me that I'm bad at the game and it is in fact possible to solo to wave 8 or 10 easy. By all means, please enlighten me. Tell me. Show me. Don't just say I'm bad. And as I said already, preferably without a setup that requires maxed primed mods because I'm frankly at the mercy of Baro having the right cards in stock. Because paying 200 plat for primed reach for example seems insane to me. But maybe I'm just cheap.
  4. I have an update regarding my earlier statement on how normal onslaught felt buffed despite the original intent of the hotfix aimed at elite: This problem seems to be particularly shifted towards Grineer units. Previously prior to the patch, a single cast of Banshee's Quake, Ember's World on Fire, or a simple slide attack with my Zaw would make quick work of any enemy starting from Zone 1 all the way to roughly Zone 8, 9, or 10 where levels of enemies were high enough that a single cast or attack wasn't enough to take them down. Now, this generally behavior is in line with the level of enemies and behavior you would experience outside of onslaught in a long-winded defense or survival game. I noticed through more testing of normal onslaught that Grineer units--regular, kuva, or corrupted simply had insane damage reduction. I'm not talking about an eximus unit or heavy gunner. Just a plain-ole butcher or lancer would take multiple casts or hits to take down. Normally I have no problem with this as standing in one spot spamming four isn't exactly "fun" gameplay, but the problem is I'm experiencing this at Zone 3 or 4, where enemies are in their high 30's or low 40's. I expect this to happen when enemies are higher, not this low. Someone on Reddit pointed out that they were seeing a 90% damage reduction from Grineer units on normal onslaught without corrosive projection. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but it certainly feels that way. This is also why people are claiming to see severely nerfed focus on normal, and why can't seemingly get past six. If the map layout is generally good, and the mobs are Corpus or Infested, I can break 7,000 to 11,000 focus with the initial focus orb at the start of a portal. if they're grineer, I'm lucky to break 4,000 and sometimes I get under 2,000. This is because a single cast can down non-grineer enemies on lower portals, and still can be effective at taking them down within 3-4 casts up to zone 9-10ish. With Grineer, you struggle as early as Zone 3, and if you're seeing them at Zone 6, not only will your caster frames struggle to take them down with warframe abilities, it'll take your weapons significantly more hits than it should given the level of mobs in normal onslaught. Coupled with how fast efficiency decays if you don't take down enemies immediately, it's easy to see why people are struggling to get to rotation C or Zone 8 after the patch.
  5. The issue I think revolves around the core gameplay of onslaught and its current efficiency issue (which they are looking into). When the idea of progressing into the next portal requires you to kill as many enemies as humanly possible--and this becomes much of an issue as it progresses, you're effectively "forced" to use a frame that revolves around their ult or some other ability that's effective like Saryn's spore. So people in generally will likely call "nerf, nerf, nerf" to frame abilities...but all that really does is ruin the niche of the frame, and not fix the efficiency part in general. I don't have a good solution to be honest, not different than what's already been posted. If it's not ability-based warframe spamming, it's something like an Amprex or Maiming Strike spam. I think the core mechanic of Onslaught should be how well you can survive, on top of how well you can kill, not just simply, "Can I annihilate every enemy on the map in 1 cast?" We just have to be careful about shifting the meta to another set of frames; I don't think we'll ever in be in a position where every frame is viable, simply because every frame does something a little different.
  6. Look, all I've been asking for (from anyone at DE really) is a confirmation of whether their upscaling changes were intended. I already linked you the original post of why I presume the change was in error. I'm not sure why you're here throwing words like "l2read" and "smh" and "bruh" like I'm trying to start some random internet fight with you. It's ridiculous and we're wasting precious posts here throwing fits at each other when valuable feedback could be provided by others. Yes, I have read the OP by [DE]Connor and he does in fact state there are tweaks coming to onslaught--in the most general of sense. My point is very simple. If I'm building a caster frame specifically with the intent of range and ability strength, I expect (and do) generally kill enemies within 1-2 casts (maybe a third if they're an eximus/ancient unit). This trend generally continues when mobs are lower, up to the 30's, 40's, and generally by the time they're in the 50's this may or may not be an efficient matter depending on the type of enemy and whether I have primed mods, corrupted mods, etc. I SHOULD NOT have to cast an ult 7 times to kill an enemy on Zone 3 of a normal onslaught when they're only level 35. Something isn't right there.
  7. Sanctuary Onslaught is where we play by Simaris' rules. You already know by now the jist of our Khora plans, but we also have to do some tweaks to Onslaught. Here's what we're doing with ELITE Sanctuary Onslaught! Our plans with this are a bit tougher to map out succinctly because the mode still needs attention to fixes. However, some data has come back that we don't want to keep to ourselves. Enemy scaling is broken. If things felt too easy compared to normal-gameplay, it's because they are. Take a look at the way an Infested Charger's health behaves - this discrepancy applies to all enemies, not just the Charger!: Source: EDIT: Will even provide a link in case you presume that's "made up".
  8. Yes, and she along with the official notes stated it was adjusted for elite only.
  9. Much appreciated for looking into the issues and following up with a response. I've beaten a particular topic like a dead horse at this point so I won't try to restate what I already have in various posts through the forums. However, with yesterday's adjustments to Elite Onslaught, please look into whether it was "accidently" changed for normal onslaught as well. The enemies feel incredibly tanky for the level and zone I should be at. If it's intended, well that's fine and all--just follow up with a statement affirming such intentions, but if they are in fact an error, I would greatly appreciate a fix in a future patch.
  10. Going to post here, although I posted in the megathread as well: Did your hotfix to elite onslaught "accidently" affect normal onslaught as well? Seriously. I'm seeing reports of this all over Reddit, the forums, and other communities. Something doesn't "feel" right. At wave 4 or 5 (sometimes even 3) my caster frames barely scratch enemies. World on Fire? Resonating Quake? etc. Why are my ults barely denting enemies when they're only level 35 or so? I just tested the exact same build with enemies outside of onslaught and they die fine.
  11. Wait, I don't understand. Why the focus nerf? Was there seriously someone who was salty that Adaro wasn't the king of farming anymore? Did anyone actually find that fun--at least, more fun than what we have here with onslaught? Yeah, there are bugs, and playing in public games has a huge risk of you losing all your stuff via host migration (yes, that problem still persists after yesterday's hotfixes). But you went from literally having two (maybe three) viable warframes that ran around with an atterax or polearm spamming maiming strike on Adaro to a plethora of options. Sure, there were still meta builds and certain setups that excelled, but I'd take over Adaro any day. How is the justification of "Well, it's better than anything other than Adaro!" a good one? If you nerfed both onslaught modes down to 20k/40k focus, that would *still* be be better than other options with the exception of Eidolon/Adaro--because you get diddly squat just playing the game "normally". Seriously, what's the issue here? Was there some monetary lost here? People suddenly weren't zipping their Visa's in order to procure the needed platinum to buy Maiming Strike off others? I know, I know that sounds incredibly rude and condescending but seriously--what's the issue? Stretching the focus farm cap isn't what I'd consider content and certainly doesn't equal fun. For once, focus farming felt like something that I could do--have fun in (even despite all the frustrations of losing rewards in pubs over the weekend) and I finally could cap my daily limit without massive boredom or misery. Focus cap is 250,000 a day. It's what, like 9,000,000 to cap just one tree? Even if you capped it every day within 10 minutes, this process isn't going to go any faster, so why make it more painful? Please, reconsider this nerf before it goes live.
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