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  1. Some of you still don't get the main point. I think this example would help you because all of us from different countries and cultures, but I will tell this. The guy who really liked this video game, and he waited this updates for long time. Of course this is not the Empyrion update, not the main content, but still he wanted to build the space ship. Suddenly, he take a day off from his job, just for this updates. However, he have to wait till 12 hours to finish some part, and he felt sad about it. This might be happen to someone. I know the guy who are serving in militaries for country law, and they can only spend a single week off during once of 6 month. They play Warframe on that week, and they can't play Warframe after they go back to military. Some people could happened like this. I have only 3 days break this Friday to Sunday, and I spend every time to farm new resources, and start to build Railjack, and still I have to wait for another 12 hours. Now, I have to wait till Thursday (because I have break on thanks giving day.) If 12 hours is good for you, that sound good that you don't have a job or you have so many times to play games. However, I think 12 hours waiting is the problem to many people who don't have much time.
  2. I actually do. And I also know many people who did it the same. All things done, and just spend 100 forma to mk1 series.
  3. Adding more idea, we don't know what happen we finish our Railjack ship, and getting our from clan that you build your ship in. Both finished or working. Is it destroyed? or is it move to your next clan? How about not getting in clan? What happen that time? I don't know. We all don't know. Only DE knows and they should work on those problem. I'm pretty sure and believe DE for they are working those problems. But waiting time is so painful for me. I can't help our clanmates, that is also painful. At least we could farm together, it could be work on that way. But waiting, is it must be 12 hours? As I said, I saw so many friends who just delete and quit Warframe because they have to wait 72 hours to finish Warframe, 12 to 24 hours to finish weapons, and 1 to 2 hours to finish some parts of your quest. Even the Atlas quest, you need 7 hours wait time. That made my friend quit this amazing game. I think the Railjack is next thing to make my friends or other player who are hates to wait will be quit this game. Even I can wait with play another games or having time with doing other stuffs, it is too much.
  4. I understand "Prepare for main content" thing. For sure, if we finish to build the Railjack, we have to wait until the main content update. But it is not mean to wait till 12 hours to do nothing. If you play multiple games, and you can spend your time to Warframe only for 1 or 2 hours, it is very good to play just 2 hours, and wait for 12 hours with play another game. That is the way to spend your time. However, if you only play Warframe, how would you spend your time for 12 hours? Now I am stared to build the engine part (I guess), and it took another 12 hours to finish. There is a information that what items am I need for next part and where should I farm those? No. The main point of why I made this thread is it took so long time even we understand that this is for preparing for next content. I spent 2K plat for helping other people in my clan to start up for Old Blood and Rising Tide updates. Which is good, because most of our clan members are having rest to play Warframe because their is no more things they can do or they need to do in Warframe. However, it tooks 12 hours to do something, and it makes game or story of the quest is cutting off. You really excited to build those space ship. Doesn't matter you can launch those. Just want to finish the work, look into the story, and watch space ship after the quest is done. However, the quest said you have to wait for 12 hours. In first time, you could understand. Second part also said wait for 12 hours. Now you feel some tired. It will be same for the third, and forth part too if there is forth part. What I thought is 12 hours is too long, and now it was just for one of the part. All part takes 12 hours each I guess, and it is too much time to wait even we understand it is just for preparing.
  5. It is the quest of the game, and I think it is more like mission tag. Now, I am waiting my ship is fixed, but I found some issues of making Railjack. First thing is so hard to get cube things. It drops at Ceres Eximus enemy, each enemy drops 10 of the cubes. However, Ceres is low level planet, and it is so hard to meet Eximus. I did with arbitration (just started after updates) to farm this, but if there is nothing, it could be hard to farm cubes. Second thing is too long time to fix this ship. One of my friend just quit and delete this game few month ago because it needs too much time to finish something. All Warframe parts are 12 hours, assembling Warframe tooks 72 hours, weapons are usually 7 to 12 hours, and he just board and tired to wait this kind of things. Now the Railjack, I understand it needs to wait like that. All kind of making a car with old parts tooks more time than 12 hours, and it is damn space ship. Y'all need more time for that. However, 12 hours is too long to built things I guess. Unless you are so waiting this content that make a space ship and shoot down all other space ship. I think it could only took 8 hours, or I think just less than 10 hours would be fine. I still waiting, and I need 7 more hours to fixing my ship. I can't skip thing with my plat, and I can't do nothing in the game. Just I need to spend my time to play another game or take a nap for 12 hours.
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