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  1. idk what you guys think about this update, but I think some RJ mission that added on this update is more like regular Warframe mission but add un-needed RJ part and more glitches (lag, bug, frame drops, etc) that even original RJ mission and WF mission didn't have. I like past RJ because it feels more playstyle added in WF, and new type of mission feels like we really fight in space. Dog fight with enemies or snipe enemies with missile or whatever, it feels like we are fighting with battle ship. Arch wing feels more like small interceptor space craft, and it do feel great for me. I think all of this unique playstyle and difference between RJ and WF mission feels like I came inside of Star Wars, Star Track, or other space opera theme. We fight in space with battleship and space crafts, and we fight on the ground with our weapons and WF skills. But now, RJ with regular WF mission feels like disappearing of characteristic of RJ. All people should go inside to enemy ship, and do defense kind of thing... It feels just regular Warframe. And this made me feel that RJ is useless and it cause more glitches. Am I only one to think like this? Or is there are any reason that Railjack should change to this way?
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