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  1. Revert Ash.
  2. I think required points in 3rd mission should be reduced to half.
  3. Wow, awesome. Now I can tell everyone how cool is Bladestorm after ner... I mean rework, while performing Bladestorm.
  4. Visual marks on weapon mods that are equipped in sentinel's weapon, please.
  5. OMG still no undo for Ash?
  6. Here is a topic for devstream: PEOPLE DON'T GET RELICS AFTER MISSION. My a ss is on fire.
  7. No no no. You've broke my heart. Thats all.
  8. My Simulor mod now have almost twice lower stats. And this is after grinding Kuva and complete unveiling tasks 3 times. You know how to dissapoint.
  9. I was scanning mobs from current event but they are not appear in Codex. Is this ok?
  10. For the name of Lord, please do something with that glitch of Ash's 4th skill casted on crazy Grineer dude.
  11. This is so annoying. Happens every time at Maru. Going to fix?