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  1. I've tried Lua a couple of times, but disruption so far has been pretty difficult solo. I'd landed on a suggestion to use Baruuk because he can pretty much nuke the Demolysts, but I keep getting nullified before I can kill them off and they get through about 10%-20% of the time. Any suggestions on how to do it better solo?
  2. I'm slowly grinding through my list of primes to collect (took about a two year break, so there were a lot) and I'm reaching the items in Axi relics, but I've got a distinct shortage of the relics. I've been trying to farm for them, but most of them sit in C rotations on the normal farming nodes and apparently in the last two years people stopped playing more than two rounds of anything, so I almost never see the C rotation unless I solo farm. Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions on the best nodes / methods that for farming up a load of Axi relics that don't rely on pubs staying for a lot of ex
  3. I'm going to give this a try instead as I figured out the original problem. Turns out to get a Meso E4 from either of the disruption nodes I'd tried, you actually have to intentionally fail some of the conduits...
  4. So I'm back after about a year off from the game and set on grinding out the primes currently available. I'm missing one piece from Equinox and Tenno Zone says that the best place to get it is the A rotation of disruption from either Ur or Kelpie. I've done nearly 50 rounds now (stopping at round 2 and starting again to maximize the A rotation drops) and have not gotten a single Meso E4 relic from the drops. Normally I'd just chalk this up to terrible RNG, but in all those rounds, I've only gotten a few relics at all with some random mods mixed in, which is really weird as according to the wik
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