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  1. Tenno, the new war is coming Tenno, the railjack is forming (Chorus) Keep the sentients at bay, increase the ship's shield array get a new hull weave before it's too late or we won't win the day Tenno, the betrayers have been betrayed Tenno, your faces are all but greyed (Chorus) The lotus is gone but we must continue on because our life must go on so we can make it to see another day Tenno, crewships are swarming Tenno, ramsleds are incoming (Chorus) This is ship is our home, so aim at the head and make these intruders begone because to these optimists we are not buying Tenno, the system is calling Tenno, the grineer are enlarging (Chorus) Your debts have been paid, you're empyrean journey has been laid, so let us set sail and let our reflection be made Tenno, our journey is not over Tenno, our crew must be made stronger (Chorus) The sentients are still evolving and this problem needs solving, so we let them continue without our involving. Tenno, begin our operation Tenno, this sector needs saving (Chorus) As the Tenno we save, capture and we slay all so we can save this system from disarray, so be it grineer, or the corpus or even the lotus we shall continue to fight our way.
  2. This was indeed my problem. I just return to default the controller scheme without changing anything and it worked perfectly.
  3. I did all four missions in a row with absolute 0 trouble. No enemy radar or anything either, had enough time to goof off and grab the caches too.
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