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  1. Thanks for hotfix but still no fix for Tipedo range scaling bug.
  2. Yup totally agree here. Also the fact that the rock is just one colour makes it really hard to find the proper rock tone. At least they should.make the rock texture more rough and jagged like the concept art. And the gems should have more glow to them like in the concept art also. Not to mention that only his 4 got the deluxe treatment. I would like a deluxe bulwark and petrify.
  3. They should have also changed the look of his bulwark, rock fist, and petrify. They are still the default rock which doesn't fit with the deluxe for obvious reasons.
  4. It would be cool if we had stuff like that. As for other kinds of ship decorations, I'd like to be able to hang my syandanas on the walls of my ship or maybe hang weapons. I'd also like to see more decorations like formas, tellurium, oxium, Orb Vallis and PoE Mineral decorations. Just imagine something like thyst or goblite as a ship decoration. Yes Please.
  5. I don't mind new primes not being a power creep except for the fact that since the weapon is only mediocre I won't have a slot for a utility mod like shred because I need as much dmg as I can get to make it good. I do really hate the look of the curved barrel and the weapon just kinda looks bland.
  6. Its range stat is bugged somehow. Even with a riven and primed reach its range is still only 7m about. The riven doesn't seem to do anything. I'm hoping it's 7m max range isn't intended or the weapon will be fodder for me.
  7. Yeah I agree that we need to see more in-game timers or DE needs to at least confirm dates for us. On top of that they never gave us the spawn rates for the wolf. I want to know the numbers and not that his spawns will increase. How much will he spawn and how much will it increase? Oh yeah and what things in the cred offerings are exclusive and which ones aren't? I know that the saturn six ornament ship decoration is probably exclusive but what about the desert camo skins? DE isn't the best when it comes to transparency at least for this Nightwave event.
  8. Oh yeah I forgot about augment mods. But her 4th still doesn't make any sense for her theme so I don't imagine that an augment mods will completely change her abilities. But yeah hopefully the augments are good.
  9. I really liked the concept for her so it is a shame to see her not looked at some more. This feedback thread seems to be just for looks.
  10. Exterminate missions are really getting on my nerves because of all the backtracking and waiting for enemies to spawn. An exterminate shouldn't take 5min 30sec to complete. But hey these are the kinds of bugs that get ignored so I'll just have to learn to be more patient with this mission type then.
  11. I was mostly disappointed by the fact that they don't actually jump on you and pound you into mush. I would really love for one to get right on top of me and hammer me into the ground.🤣
  12. I'll just keep this quick. Overall I'm really liking this new Plains of Eidolon remaster a lot but there are a few things that I'd like to suggest: Thumper Bots I think the Thumper bot fights are cool but what confused me was how just shooting it's legs kills the whole thing. I think it would make more sense if shooting the legs just knocked it down and then you just but the top caps off of the bot and blow up its insides. Basically I just think it should have another "stage" to it or at least the bigger ones should. I was a little disapointed about the rewards from them but it is just a mini boss and the resources are nice for newer players but once again like with the exploiter, there wasn't much reason to do it since I already owned Hildryn but with this boss I own the Korrudo. I think it would be cool if we got a unique resource/reward like thumper bot parts to build something new like a new gun. Bodies of Water This for me has personally bothered me for quite a while; all the bodies of water in The Plains of Eidolon still don't have any kind of Fauna or Flora in them. Every lake, pond, river, coast line has nothing but dirt in it like Minecraft once did. I was worried that with the remaster you guys would still forget to add more life to the bodies of water. I think it would be cool to see lots of plant life and maybe even some broken machinery and other sunken treasures at the bottom of the lakes or oceans. Right now it's still just dirt and rocks though. All in all though, I must say I am really impressed with the amount of work that went into the remaster and I really love the economy changes as well. I'd like to see what others have to say about this new update so please, do not hesitate to leave your thoughts and feedback. 🙂
  13. Maybe if DE hadn't nerfed K-drives twice I would think about using them a little more. DE it's your fault that K-drives suck as much as they do so please don't take it out on archwings. It's like getting a new baby sibling and now the baby sibling gets more attention than you do and things need to be fair(archwings vs. k-drives) making us wish we never had that baby sibling because it takes away from archwings. I know it's a weird analogy but if K-drives were never added at all then archwings (or just itzal) wouldn't get nerfed to the ground.
  14. Yeah, all the ponds and stuff still have gravel and some rocks maybe. I was expecting to see more plant life at least. I just don't see why a pond wouldn't have anything in it.
  15. So I'm really liking thus update so far but... the bodies of water in the Plains are still plain and empty like Minecraft. There is absolutely nothing in them except gravel and rocks. This was worrying me that you guys would forget. It's just weird seeing this massive remaster of the Plains but the lakes and stuff are still nothing but gravel. Thanks anyways DE.
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