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  1. This sigil is really cool. I think you killed it DE! I'm not sure how I feel about the added energy effect since I could see myself wanting to use just the sigil but that's alright. As long as it stays subtle and not like an ephemera I'm fine. Oh and since we just got a new one, could we treat the other two sigils - Verlorum and Cycuta Prime - with proper metallics? You guys said a while back you'd fix them but never did. Thanks
  2. Should've been Trinity Prime. Not only has she been vaulted a lot longer than Oberon Prime but the demand for her is a lot higher. I thought the Unvaultings we're based off demand. plus I still need her accessories to complete my collection
  3. Newer primes starting at Wukong prime all seem to have lower quality textures? What's going on with them?
  4. Can't provide pics right now but if you look at loki's arms, all the ridges and textures look convincing. The texture makes the actual model look more detailed than it really is. But if you look at ivara prime's elbow where the darker part is or even her whole body, the details and ridges on her don't disguise the model as much. You can tell that it is more of an image placed onto the mesh. Or even Wukong Prime's legs for example. The patterns in the texturing doesn't seem convincing when you look at it but rather you can see the basic shape of his leg. This could just be the resolution of the textures I don't know. But a proper texture is supposed to mask the basic shape of the body and make it look like there is more detail than there really is. Also the lines that divide the color channels seem kinda blurred which makes the problem worse. Either way, whatever it is, it's causing the primes to look less authentic. I could just be describing it wrong all together and confusing things as I don't know a whole ton about this kinda stuff. But once again just compare some older prime's to the newer ones and maybe you'll see.
  5. This has actually been bothering me for quite a while. All the primes after Equinox Prime seem to have the same texture problems. If you look at Atlas, Wukong, And now Ivara Prime, you see that they all have flat looking textures compared to the older primes like Loki Prime where the textures and bumps on his arms look real. The problem doesn't seem to be just with the new primes, it's also affecting just about any newer model (at least the ones I looked at) to an extent. I don't think it's a bug or texture compression (though I'm sure texture compression affects said primes also), It's something else. I'm thinking they downgraded their tech or maybe their artists have to work faster and don't have the time for quality anymore. Rather disappointing. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. I really do hope something is done.
  6. Actually, I'm kinda having fun farming for it. Already found a couple rare containers.
  7. Darn I want this but Prime access and the prime vault is already too much. That's why I'm not a fan of these bundles.
  8. This may or may not be related to Empyrean but... What is up with that mysterious syandana that Excalibur is wearing in the Warframe launcher webm/gif thingy? It looks as if it is some kind of umbral syandana. Is it an unreleased syandana or am I going nuts? I MUST KNOW.
  9. Will the forma costs on kuva weapons be addressed? 5 forma per weapon is a lot. It was fine with paracesis since it is special and all but now it's just ridiculous. Sure I have a lot of forma but that doesn't mean I should just blow them on weapons I may or may not be using later. So... may I suggest making it cost a forma to reach rank 35 then another for rank 40? 5 ranks per forma. Instead of 2 ranks per forma. That's just me though. Oh and I hope Ivara Prime's access is actually good. 3 good accessories and not another atlas prime access.
  10. It's by my understanding that maiming strike powerful because of it's interaction with blood rush. In my opinion, maiming strike didn't need a nerd since blood rush got one.
  11. Please tell me Vauban Prime's abilities will finally get the prime treatment. He's just had the default vauban grenades ever since he came out. The deluxe has its own grenades so give the prime its own.
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