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  1. This has me kinda concerned because it just seems melee scaling will be tossed out of the window and we will no longer have any way to deal with high level enemies or the demolysts. And if channeling is getting tossed then what is gonna happen to the Prime armor channeling effects? Please tell me you do not plan on removing them.
  2. IMO, Raids were the only thing. That and kuva farming since kuva is something you always need/want.
  3. I realized Tekko Prime almost seems like a claw/fist hybrid weapon. At least it is really pushing into the claw category based off it's looks. So I thought, maybe, a cool prime passive for it would be the ability to use both Fist OR Claw stances. Think similar to Dark Split-Sword where you can use stances for dual swords or heavy blades. Just a thought.
  4. I feel you man. I just wish they would at least tell us why they choose to not accept feedback. I'd rather be told no or to shove off than be ignored because at least there is some closure.
  5. Hope this doesn't take as long to fix as it took them to fix Daman Prime Sugatra (well over a year).
  6. I feel that Prime Accessories aren't in the best place right now, DE. If you compare older accessories to the new ones, you see that the older ones felt more unique in how they seemed more orokin and had special effects (Misa, Targis Prime) that made them more special. But compared with the new accessories you see that the newer ones more personalized towards the theme of the prime frame as well as the lack of any cool channeling effects. They feel just like fancy accessories rather than Prime accessories. There is also a lot to talk about regarding the value of the accessories packs and the overall effort put into making the accessories quality. Or is there a reason there seems to be a lack of effort in the games main source of income? Oh and what happened to the lore in the accessories' descriptions? It's gone from "found drifting in an old derelict" or "this syandana was used in tenno purification rituals" to "this is the signature syandana of [prime frame]." The lore tied to each accessory does contribute to what I was saying earlier about how special accessories feel. Tl:Dr Prime Accessories in general, their value, the effort put into them and their prime feel need to be talked about because they seem neglected of effort compared to the rest of a prime access pack.
  7. I really wish DE would do something about texture compression. It seems minor but I can see them low resolution textures from a mile away. Makes me cRaZy.
  8. Since Tekko Prime is starting to push into the more bladed/claw category and not just impact like Ankyros Prime, it would be really cool if it also had a slicing noise along with the usual punching noise. Its looks don't fit the weapon's sounds is all I'm saying. Actually, since it looks like claw/fist hybrid, maybe it should have a prime passive that gives Tekko Prime the ability to use claw or fist stance.
  9. Actually I don't think any colors on the wall are affected by Atlas Prime's chosen colors. I could be wrong though. And on top of this the walls textures seem stretched and blurry last time I saw them, and all other rock effects (rubble, landslide, smashing effects when casting Rumblers) seem to still be the default rock still. I'd much like to see all of his abilities get the Prime treatment.
  10. This tends to be a problem with a lot of effects in Warframe. An example would be the snow and frost that covers a Warframe in the Orb Vallis but doesn't apply to attachments or syandanas. But as much as the spore ephemera bothers me and should be toned down, it would be a lot more realistic to have it cover everything.
  11. Yeah it turns out I misread the FaQ and recalled it wrong when I wrote the ticket. Thanks for being nice about it though unlike other people. Hopefully they'd be willing to quickly go in and swap the polarity though. But anyways, Have a happy thanksgiving.
  12. Ah ok Thanks for pointing this out. My bad. I didn't realize that they'd remove it and reduce the polarity stars only if the game glitched and used two forma. I read what you quoted and I also read this: I tried to polarize my weapon, didn't register properly, tried again, and now 2 Formas were taken away for 1 polarization, and it shows that I got 2 polarity stars from it. Please send us a support ticket immediately after the issue occurs and if we can confirm the error we will fix the item's polarity count and return a Forma to your inventory. But when I wrote the ticket I remembered the part I quoted being part of what you quoted part. I'll see if they'd be willing to swap the polarity at least. Thanks.
  13. Yes by accident. I thought I pressed the button to swap polarities but wasn't paying attention and realized right after I actually applied a forma. Not to mention there isn't an option to use an umbral forma so it never brought up any forma selection screen. Live with what? The fact I used a forma by mistake? I have 450+ of the things. It's not even about the forma but more about the fact that their FaQ says something completely different than what the staff member told me.
  14. Is that so? Have you not read the FaQ regarding this? It literally states that support will help with this exact situation.
  15. Unfortunately it happened on the weekend and I did rank up my dethcube prime to rank 23 after the forma but after that I unequipped it until I got a response back. I doubt support didn't want to fix it because of that based on the response I got. "Unfortunately, Forma, Orokin Reactors or Catalysts are permanent once used." Something along those lines. Unless of course that response was automated maybe.
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