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  1. It's my understanding you only need 1 Warframe and then the Helminth 'Remembers' the ability forever for it to be used on any Warframe.
  2. Yeah but I'm just looking at base stats in the arsenal. I'm not factoring in any stances. And besides, what's the point of a stance boosting spin attack damage if the lower base spin attack damage evens it out with other weapons that have normal (double the base) Spin attack damage?
  3. Polearms and Whips are the longer reach weapons though. If those were the biggest abusers then why do they still have normal spin attack values? I have a feeling you misunderstood my original post.
  4. I could see why a Warfan or a Dagger would have bad spin attack damage but for a Staff to have worse spin attack damage than a Polearm doesn't seem to make any sense.
  5. Then why do some weapon types like Polearms and whips still have normal spin attack damage?
  6. I only just noticed that some melee weapon types have the same spin attack damage as their base damage. I always thought that all melee spin attacks did double the damage of their normal attacks but I just noticed that some melee types don't. Staffs, Blade & Whips, Sword & Shields, Single Swords, Warfans and Rapiers are all the melee types that have the same spin attack damage as their base damage. I don't know if this is intended or not but if it is I would like to now if anyone knows if DE has stated anything about it. That would explain why some of my melee weapons feel like they have weaker spin attacks. I just never noticed before. EDIT: Ok to clarify I will give an example since people don't understand what I mean. Orthos Prime has a Base Damage value of 234.0 and a spin attack value of 468.0 (exactly double the base damage). I thought this was the case for all melee but not some like Tipedo Prime (A staff) which has a Base damage value of 170.0 and a spin attack value of 170.0. Why is the Spin Attack for Tipedo Prime not double it's base damage (340 spin attack damage)? Maiming Strike and the spin attack meta has nothing to do with this because if it did then why are Swords, Warfans, Rapiers, Sword & Shields, Blade and Whips also being "punished" for the Spin attack meta? Wouldn't it just be the more ranged weapons like Polearms, Whips and Staffs?
  7. I want more Kuva weapons but at the same time I don't because they eat up a lot of forma. I really wish they didn't take 5 forma each. Maybe like 2 each (5 ranks per forma).
  8. I would like an option in settings to fix the chat tab in place on the screen so that it can't be dragged around. Nothing much and yes there are more important things but it's a tiny little QoL I'd like.
  9. They still never got around to moving all attachment metallics to the accent channels. I would really like to use the Tennocon armors with some Prime armors.
  10. Right where I am on the map. Not sure if this has already been reported but I mean, who'd take the time to anyways?
  11. I just wanted to quickly share some ideas that crossed my mind for future Prime Accessories. -Primed Sekhara - There was actually one in the Chinese Founders pack called the Gauvan Prime. I always hoped we'd get that somehow but if it is exclusive, it'd be cool to see a new Prime Sekhara in a future Prime Accessories pack. -Primed Parazon Skin - It'd just be really cool. And IMO, both Parazons we got now don't look that great. -Primed Railjack Skin - I know, I know, Not everyone likes Railjack but they did sell Liset Prime which is equally as useless. -Primed Amp Skin - There was some old concept art for a Primed Amp but it was never added in-game for whatever reason. I really want one. -More Prime Alt Helmets - Not everyone is going to like this but it is something I'd like to see. -A Primed Backpiece - You know, those syandanas like the Saturn Six one or those Tennogen ones. Well what if we got something like that but Orokin themed. Adding it in Titania Prime accessories was a good opportunity but it got wasted. -Roomba Prime - You know you want it. -Channeling effects - Not a Primed Accessory but I thought I'd let DE know that I want to see more channeling effects. I miss them a lot. That's all. PLEASE do share your ideas if you have some. I genuinely want to see them.
  12. Yeah I suppose. Is Steel Path that good for Kuva?
  13. How does Nora have access to Kuva? What about Arbiters of Hexis?
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