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  1. A lot of people are having the same problem. What fixed it for me was unlinking and relinking my Twitch from my Warframe account. Hope this helps. :)
  2. They look too glossy but also have lots of squares on them (almost like cardboard) and the metallics look more like a rubber/plastic. They color alright though. These standards are not acceptable for a promotional asset, or really any asset. I don't know why there has been a huge drop in texture quality but it needs to stop, especially on Prime stuff. That's one of the reasons I stopped playing. Thanks.
  3. I saw that bow and genuinely thought you turned Oberon into a bow.
  4. Can we start increasing the resolution on all Primes?
  5. This mean you'll go back and make all the newer primes after Mesa Prime have textures that are crisp and realistic like Mesa Prime? Not sure what happened but general texture quality has gone down quite a bit since all Primes after mesa prime. Just look at the new Oscira bundle. The armor and everything look like hollow pieces of plastic with the textures painted on. I want stuff to look real and dense. I want my weapons to look like they have some weight to them like Tigris Prime does. Corinth Prime looks like a hollow mold with different colors painted on. It's part of the reason I stop
  6. Nothing gets me to buy a Prime Access more than a bunch of irritating nerfs that achieve nothing.
  7. Is it possible we could see an option to increase texture quality? It is very frustrating to see soo many newer assets with the low quality textures. It doesn't seem like much but it's enough to actually ruin my experience. I wish more assets were crisp and sharp looking like Mesa Prime instead of like Wukong or Titania Prime.
  8. I've been wanting it as a decoration for a while and now Oxium has it's own 3d Model in game at the Mining Vendor, Otak, in the Necralisk. Please feel free to add it to the market for 5p.
  9. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. It kinda makes me crazy. It's like some kind of margin around the screen where the particles don't show up on.
  10. I'm getting really tired of these packs. I'd better be able to get that Drone from the market at least because I'm not buying that pack for 2 reasons: 1. The ability nerfs in the Helminth system that's not even out yet. 2. The fact Tencent is probably gonna kill the game.
  11. I'm probably going to just ignore this new system for the most part. Not worth my resources. But since I built a ton of frames I'm probably just going to sacrifice all of them for an ugly low poly flower garden. Cheers.
  12. Yup, and since self damage is now gone a /kill command is even more necessary.
  13. You don't mind me asking where you got that emblem, Loxyen?
  14. 100% agree. It was totally fine for Peculiar Bloom since those flowers are just temporary and since missions are more chaotic than your Orbiter, the flowers don't need to be as detailed.
  15. Yes to this! Oh and I really want I Prime Details preview so I can see what a Tennogen skin will look like with Prime bits BEFORE buying it.
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