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  1. Its pretty awful tbh i suggest reroll, and look for 2-3 of Damage, Multishot, Toxin, Electric with a negative
  2. His Russian But yeah i still don't understand
  3. Hey man just a heads up, Zenistar's Disk already has base 50% Sc, So unless you're trying to build for sc on the melee part, sc is already capped with 2 6060
  4. Hey just a little heads up, you can't post more then 1 post of wts and wtb post per 24 hour I suggest you shrink those 3 into one single post
  5. Yo sorry to break it to you, but you can't trade/sell argon crystal ๐Ÿ˜•
  6. NeGaTiVe PuNcTuRe RuInS tHe MoD iT's NoT eVen WoRtH 100p
  7. Just a heads up, if you don't have the riven and you do a full name tag (EX. [Orvius Acri-Deciata]) it wont allow you to send the message So I suggest you remove the "[]" part from your copy & paste
  8. Hi im looking to Buy or Trade One or Two (depending on which riven of mine and What grade and rolls on your's) from my collection for certain rivens Im ONLY looking for these stats, so please don't PM Me with other stats I'm looking for [Redeemer] Critical Chance Status Chance Attack Speed (Negative) Finisher, Slash [Grinlok] Critical Chance Damage or Critical Damage Multishot (Negative) Impact [Kohm] Damage Multishot Firerate (Negative) Slash [Vulkar] Critical Chance Damage or Critical Damage Multishot (Negative) Impact Call your price or im willing to trade for any 1-2 of these (Some conditions may apply)
  9. You'll be surprised how much godly Vulkar goes for
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