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  1. What I think people need to learn by just fighting the teralyst is that radiation damage is key, snipers are best, need to get a better amp, some warframes greatly benefit the flow of the fight. As long as they have learned those things I can help them on the latter two eidolons, I was there once I dont mind helping some players learn, but I want them to at least be able to be productive. I think by the time you are rank 3 with onkko you have learned the basics and can be helpful in a Gantulyst fight.
  2. Can DE put the tridolon hunt behind something like after rank 3 or 4 with quill Onkko? Most nights I stop trying to form a party because I end up most the time with a group of limbos with corinth shotguns that have no business in the tridolon hunt, it would be better if people were required to spend some time on the teralyst, figuring out the fight and what works at least a little before being able to join a tridolon hunt.
  3. Excited about the work you all do sorry about people who complain a lot it's only the loud ones, most of us are genuinely happy about your work and greatly enjoy warframe thanks 🙂
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