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  1. I'm going to agree, having run several kuva survivals for 30+ minutes on the fact that Kuva reward per tower should be bumped to about 250. After the fix that made it so the 5% life supports from enemies return to their usual drop rate base, the mission was made a slight bit easier to farm especially with a Nekros hanging around. HOWEVER! I'm a fan of risk vs. reward for these instances. With the increase of reward also increase the volume of enemies that show up with some partial scaling that is also cumulative to the time spent in missions. It still provides the high intensity and gives a bit more adequate rewards comparative to the lifesupport NOT gained by using a tower normally. This also means that due to the volume of enemies the slack could potentially be picked up by the life support that enemies drop. Keep in mind too that increasing the volume of enemies like an alarm triggered on an interception missions should also be PER KUVA SIPHON. More risk vs reward play, if you accidentally trigger two siphons at once, your team is split and now you've gotta fight all the harder to keep those siphons alive.
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