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  1. Boy you are playing Mesa once on blue moon :D
  2. OP according to a person who has 25k kills with that frame and has 8000+ comments on forum. If that is OP he knows as much about the game as a guy who just started playing Warframe. Like I said you have no idea and you are here just to talk cause you have nothing better to do then dont stay here :)
  3. :D Please dont make me answer you what my thoughts are :)
  4. :D Becasue Mesa 4th ability has absolutey nothing to do with any other frame ability. Even Saryn spore can go trough it !! Isnt that same?! NO! Mesa was ALWAYS !!!! Able to do that ! Since here release. If you dont know that I dont know what to tell you. If you are just talking only to tell me how OP she is pls dont! If you are going to help then stick around :) I'll be thankfull! But realllllly if you dont know what she was able to do before the update and it was never considered as bug please find another topic. Plenty of them around. I am annoyed enough about that thing not getting fixed for for I dont know how long. And btw this happens every single time with Mesa with big update!
  5. :D omg ! Guys if you dont know or understand what I talking about please dont comment.(Just fyi I am talking about here 4th ability not about weapons or other frames or whatever!)
  6. Since ever ! But not after Jovian Concord release.
  7. The second part ! Since when ? I didnt find anything about that being a bug and needed fixing. WTH!
  8. OMG !!! Can you please fix Mesa unable to shoot inside and through Frosts bubble !!! You all smart so test it and then fix it ! If you cant let me know so I will help you! TY :)
  9. GD! Mesa still cant shoot through and behind Frost globe !!! Fix PLS !!! TY!!!
  10. Mesa cannot shoot trough Frosts bubble from outside !!!! FIX it pls !!!!
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