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  1. Not a bad idea! We'll see where it ends up I had a thought on this, something that could tie it all together: Grineer 'Frontier' themed Ivara could have camo netting style cloth. I guess you couldn't go full bore on that for the skirt since you can't really add to it, right? It could be nice to have that base to mirror and build on for an almost-ghillie silhouette breaking shroud, if that's possible to do within the tennogen poly limits or whatever constraints you have to work under.
  2. This has been on my mind off and on for years now, but Duviri Paradox brought it to the fore again, so I have to ask: it seems to me that the song "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" by Blue Oyster Cult could almost be Warframe's unofficial theme song. Was it an influence at all, or is this just coincidence?
  3. I think the Liset skin looks nice, but I don't use that ship, so whatever. I was really hoping for a Dex Archgun of some kind. I thought that would've been cool given we've just recently gotten them on foot.
  4. Just because a philosophy is old doesn't mean it no longer offers any valuable lessons. How long a long a lit of prophets, philosophers and thinkers do you want? There are way more influential dead ones than live ones, from the Buddha to Marx. What is society made up of but individuals? The individual is the smallest minority. My point is that when it comes to thoughts and words, only you can decide what effects you. When it crosses the line into the physical realm, well, we already have laws for those. No one has the right to not be offended, though. But as you say, off topic. That's a great quote and I completely endorse it. Again, though, it's about personal responsibility. I choose to treat others with kindness and respect, likewise when people don't treat me the same, I choose not to let that harm me. I can't control what's in the hearts and minds of others, only my own, so I don't waste the time and energy stressing out over the things I can't control. When others seek to control my thoughts and words, however, or yours, or anyone elses, that I'll fight for.
  5. Words only have the power we allow them. By censoring and making the use of certain words bannable you only give them more power. People will use them just to shock, so if you don't give them the reaction they are looking for, the reason for using the word disappears. You want the "n-word" and the "t-word" to lose their power? Stop freaking out when you hear them. It's that simple, except, of course, that we have to get everyone on board with that. I will say that this is a larger philisophical issue than just DE's chat moderation, one for the entire western world, but didn't DE put a method into Warframe to set our own filters? Isn't it now possible for each user to set their own preferences in words/sentences they are looking for, if the want to trade, say, as well as avoid if they don't want to see a certain word or phrase? If I didn't imagine that, then why aren't we leveraging on that system? Just teach players how to create their own list of banned words! I don't want or need DE (or any other company...profanity filters are one of the first things I turn off in a game) to decide for me what words I can and cannot see. This probably hasn't been an issue for me because I just turned World chat off and I don't spend much time in Trade, but I don't like the idea at all that this could create a ripple that does effect me. I'm Canadian, and in Ontario, so I get enough of that from our provincial and federal governments. I don't like the idea of accidentally bumping into some oversensitive chat moderator banning me just because I think Bill C-16 was a pointless waste of taxpayer money to pass (the relevent legislation already protected everyone. EVERYONE; I read it).
  6. I don't forum post much, but this Prime Time was a great example of one of the things that I love so much about the Warframe team and community, and that's how much fun everyone has poking fun at each other (you can probably tell from my avatar where my sense of humour tilts). In this era of faux outrage and offense taken at the slightest thing it does my heart good to see Reb take a good roast with humour and grace, and I know from 3 years of this community that the folks at DE can give as well as take. It's just plain refreshing, so thank you to all of you, devs and players alike. PS, my own personal favourite ship, and I don't play ship games much, would have to be Valkyr and Octavia. Savage beasts and music, right?
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