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  1. Railgun

    Less Gore

    The Glavenusauresus are rising, it's like Jurassic park in here.
  2. Railgun

    Less Gore

    Is this by any chance @Glavenusaur on a different account.
  3. you could trade them if you don't need them, 5 unfilled for 25ish 5 filled for around 60ish
  4. In your initial post you said you were around 25+ meters, and
  5. Most of the time the infested don't need to see you to kill you, especially with the previously mentioned toxin auras, even if you're at a range.
  6. not sorry. Also, I'm curious to know why the Syndana that came with Mag deluxe came separate, but the one with Ember didn't.
  7. I'm led to believe this, for my first few months of playing I had no clue people could hear me through the voice chat. It was 50% complaining, 50% weird singing. I turned off the voice chat and keep my mic unplugged.
  8. I believe the operative defense missions are only in sorties
  9. If you sold it within the past 30 days you can contact support to get it back, otherwise there's a very small chance with few exceptions in which you can get it back from support. In the future, try not to sell log-in exclusive items.
  10. When I was seven my I was living with my grandparents at the time and they had nothing for me to do all day, so my grandad unknowingly went out and bought a cheap PlayStation and a copy of the first Silent Hill game (which was my first ever video game). I played that till I was about 9 when they discovered it was a horror game. Thanks grandad.
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