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  1. And I'll likely be in work for those last 8 hours I'd have to do the final sortie. *sigh* Oh well.
  2. Specifically the complete 5 sorties ones. I'm curious. It's thursday, am I just... locked out of completing this challenge?
  3. Better for players with some play time; buggery for players with not a lot of time to play.
  4. Do believe this new system is replacing the alert system, where you get cosmetics and rare materials. I appreciate a challenge but stuff like this seems excessive,
  5. So there's four days and a few hours left on this sortie thing, worth 5k of whatever peanuts they've called the new currency. Can I just _not_ complete this challenge? I play games in my leisure time for fun if I wanted whipped for not showing up I'd hire a dominatrix.
  6. I am kinda concerned by the new system for getting cosmetics and various other goods usually given over by alerts. I don't really have the time to dedicate an hour to an hour long survial mission that has to be played with a friend for a blueprint for reactors or catalysts. Are these challenges going to... calm down at any point?
  7. I've had the painter in my dojo for a while but it never seems to work. I use it, select a colour and it shows the walls of the main area that colour, I select "Apply" but... it doesn't show up. I would say it's my PC being its usual strange self but my clanmate has the same issue.Don't know why it's doing it, is this a common issue?
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