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  1. I generally don't attach much value to when a person started playing the game since it means very little, if a new player can have the blue handgun I'd prefer it that way. I wish they'd release more skins actually I want to see more people with the spearmint scythes.
  2. No throw more gas on the fire, I want off this island and unless the flames reach the skyline we'll never be saved.
  3. And the brakk I replayed the exact same mission for is a generic weapon. It's just the way the game goes, they make something exclusive for a lengthy time and then release it.
  4. Does the Lato vandal have like nuclear launch codes hidden in its skin. Why are we all so fixated on it.
  5. The point of the game is to farm until there's nothing left to farm. They add more content, you farm for that. The game doesn't function if there's an "endgame".
  6. Sony have a sort of vetting process for updates to games IIRC, Cross platform would mean PC updates would be at the whims of the console owners. I don't believe it will happen, although I would be interested if it did. Would let my play with my consle using buddies.
  7. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Warframe was, frankly, a pile of garbage when it was first released. I recall fighting "Captain Vor", a generic melee grineer with a random full-body colour change. He was full pink on one of the runs. Someone like a founder who possibly threw a significant amount of money at the game and helped keep it alive deserves a bit of a reward, I think.
  8. This is a painted pistol we're talking about right. If the phrase "Sexual-based behaviors" comes up in a talk about a painted pistol I think we need to contact a professional.
  9. Your spirit warframe

    Rhino, because I too compensate with an oversised cod-piece.
  10. You make a strong case sir.
  11. A confusing Defence encounter

    That actually sounds very plausible, oh wait *looks up Concealed Explosives*, this is just a case of me being senile. Back in my day there was only thunderbolt that would make things explode! Sorry, I was just concerned that I'd wandered into someone doing something sketchy and wanted an answer behind it. Thanks!
  12. A confusing Defence encounter

    So I haven't played the game in a long time and finally got back to an internet connection that won't die on me mid game, so I've been playing some defence missions online. I encountered something rather odd and I'm not sure what to make of it, the situation went as follows; I joined the defence mission (some level 30-40 grineer one) and it was already underway, but the "wave complete" message was showing up frequently. When I got to the main area there were no corpses or drops. I found all the loot at the doors where the enemies would enter the area. I wondered what was going on and found one of the players (using a frame I don't recognise, again haven't played in what must be upwards of a year) stood near the defence pod just... jumping up and throwing what look like daggers into the ground like kunai. When the next wave of enemies spawned a load of red beams would appear from this person and point to wards what I presume were enemies and then a bunch of xp numbers would flash up on screen and the majority of the enemies would be dead. I left the mission at around wave 10 because it just felt odd. Is this some meta strat with a new character or did I encounter a naughty naughty player.
  13. [Allregion&casual] The Cutie Mark Crusaders!

    I considered joining some months ago, and I'm now (Finally) committing. IGN:FIllyRarity Region: EU Reason: My previous clan was incredibly inactive, and even when people are online they're hard to get a hold of. I'm looking for a more active, chill clan. This one fits the bill. Active, casual and has a common interest. Seems perfect. Creed seems reasonable (And to be honest, some parts common courtesy.), so no problems there.
  14. Vectis Headshot Screenshot Challenge!

    Blew his skull out of his head and his helmet. Now that's what I call heavy calibre! IGN: FillyRarity