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  1. I'm confused, the blueprint store seems barren. Where do I buy blueprints now? has that mechanic changed? New UI is confusing me, I figured it out.
  2. Two 15gb downloads?

    CHECKING FOR NEW CONTENT 0.4gb UPDATE. Game you're lucky I like you or you'd be getting a colonoscopy with the bootend of my leg.
  3. Two 15gb downloads?

    This is part of what made me stop playing, having to constantly launch the game to avoid my update being like three gb. But no joke this is a fresh install on a completely brand new PC, every component is as virgin as it gets. 15gb steam download, 15gb launcher download. It's just about to complete now.
  4. Two 15gb downloads?

    e n d That's incredibly frustrating I was hoping to spend an hour today playing but I'm going to spend it downloading the game aaaaaa
  5. Two 15gb downloads?

    So I played this game when it first came out into open beta and dropped it in like 2015. I got a more beefy PC now and want to play it again, but I've noticed something odd and something that is frustrating me. I spent two hours downloading the game from steam, 15 or so gigabytes. Normal for a big game. Alright I clicked play, it's just brought up a launcher. That's telling me I have to download 15gb more of content. What gives? Did I do something wrong? Or did I literally spend two hours downloading the tool to download the game.
  6. [Allregion&casual] The Cutie Mark Crusaders!

    I considered joining some months ago, and I'm now (Finally) committing. IGN:FIllyRarity Region: EU Reason: My previous clan was incredibly inactive, and even when people are online they're hard to get a hold of. I'm looking for a more active, chill clan. This one fits the bill. Active, casual and has a common interest. Seems perfect. Creed seems reasonable (And to be honest, some parts common courtesy.), so no problems there.
  7. Vectis Headshot Screenshot Challenge!

    Blew his skull out of his head and his helmet. Now that's what I call heavy calibre! IGN: FillyRarity
  8. Entry 1 – Oct 3, 2013

    It's nice to get a fill on what's being worked on. Thanks for this :3
  9. [Allregion&casual] The Cutie Mark Crusaders!

    I think I may already be in a clan, so I'll have to look into that before I submit for a join, but due to Warframe constantly crashing as of late (Most recent update), I'm unable to look into it or leave the clan if I choose to. However, your clan seems very appealing. Seems like a wonderful group. I saw you on the Steam forums taking the title of "First to reach 1h" in the survival event. I was impressed by that, by the by. I'm interested in a MLP centered group mainly because I actually got shunned recently during a game due to my IGN being "FillyRarity". Twas not pleasant. I'll have to get back to you on the requesting to join front, but I'm fairly confident I will ask to join. My compliments to the clan. Seems nice.
  10. Survival Weekend Completion

    When I first read that I thought you were accusing him of heresy, and not saying heresay xD Anyway, I'm happy with getting a few half an hour runs. Contributed to my clan and got lots of money, xp and mods. My only upset is that the Wraith is jet black! I was hoping for a gleaming white finish, like the prime weapons. Oh well I guess :P
  11. Survival Weekend

    I'm assuming they will have had a well modded team and have been communicating using voice chat. Hell, in my first game with one Volt (Me. And I can't mod for hell.) and one nova (Probably well modded) we lasted 29 minutes comfortably. Nova's special was still killing large groups of level 200 enemies easily. So, with a team of four well modded frames, I guess it'd be easy. I'd like to know that too. I got 17K (Or maybe 1.7K. Can't remember.) of the things and I can't see a use nor can I see a counter for them. Maybe some special, hidden reward? Or, maybe it's for clans.
  12. Survival Weekend

    Holy hell! What a refreshing event! Got over half an hour in time on the first run, got several hundred resource drops and at least a hundred mod drops. And it was a challenge to get them. At around half an hour it just started to be pretty much toxic ancient barrages (And I mean barrages) being sent. Such fun! Oh, and as a note. Nova and Volt. Get two of each on a team, you're set. Their ultimate will just annihilate any enemy in the map. So much fun. Tops to you, DE.
  13. Survival Weekend

    I'm incredibly interested in this event. Looks like good fun. One question though, I hope someone can answer. Which planet will these events take place on? This is something that has held my curiosity for a while. Will it be an entirely separate area, available to everyone, or will I be ruled out from the even for not having a certain area unlocked?
  14. Operation Arid Fear: Completed!

    To people criticizing how DE handled the event. If you couldn't participate as much as you'd have liked to have (Like me for example. On a holiday for the first two days of this event), it's not really too bad. You all missed out on getting three mods, but, all of us got the big bonus at the end, right? The new planet, tile set, enemies and boss. I think we'll all agree that's far more useful than the three mod rewards.
  15. Operation Arid Fear: Completed!

    People complaining about not getting the mods. Honestly. Go play some of the new tile sets. See the new enemies. Get your &#! handed to you be three hellicans, then re-think your complaints. Congrats seriously go out to DE. The new maps are such a breath of fresh air. They're pretty, they're bright (Which is rare for grineer maps!), they're interesting and they're complex. God, the enemies. I actually got a surprise when an enemy stripped my shields completely before I even noticed! Then meeting my end to some of those flying enemies who send a barrage of missiles at you. It's so much fun to play the missions! And those drones. They actually did something to me this time! I had no idea of the map layout, so when my mini map went all fuzzy, I actually got into a bit of a situation. It's incredibly fun for me. Definitely better than the subpar mods that were shown as the reward.