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  1. Thanks for the new cosmetic stuff. I hope all the effort going into Fortuna will make it worth playing over Forsaken, but sadly I doubt that will happen. Aside from poor production timing, is there a way to revert the UI for your squad back to how it used to be? I'm sick of having a massive blank space inbetween the menu tabs and the entire rest of the UI at the top left/right....
  2. When will the UI get updated so that there's no longer a massive blank space in it while looking in the menu. It was far more convenient to have the ability to see all your teammates (or garbage leeches) and their gear setups without having to really do much other than open the menu and check. As great as the new UI is, please revert some things. If it aint broke, don't fekkin touch it at all.
  3. Maybe someday we'll get raids back, better than ever. Hopefully. Probably. Maybe. I guess. As much as I loved this game, Forsaken will destroy it in September.
  4. As if anyone in this game is worth playing with unless you want to do nothing for once
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