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  1. Thanks for the new cosmetic stuff. I hope all the effort going into Fortuna will make it worth playing over Forsaken, but sadly I doubt that will happen. Aside from poor production timing, is there a way to revert the UI for your squad back to how it used to be? I'm sick of having a massive blank space inbetween the menu tabs and the entire rest of the UI at the top left/right....
  2. When will the UI get updated so that there's no longer a massive blank space in it while looking in the menu. It was far more convenient to have the ability to see all your teammates (or garbage leeches) and their gear setups without having to really do much other than open the menu and check. As great as the new UI is, please revert some things. If it aint broke, don't fekkin touch it at all.
  3. Maybe someday we'll get raids back, better than ever. Hopefully. Probably. Maybe. I guess. As much as I loved this game, Forsaken will destroy it in September.
  4. As if anyone in this game is worth playing with unless you want to do nothing for once
  5. Fix the softlocks in arsenal as well as everywhere else that occur when equipping Umbra in the arsenal. Also, please fix the no-cutscene issue at the end of the quest as well. These are softlocks that should have been playtested out of the storyline before this was released.
  6. Tfw you can use two monitors and open about 15+ tabs of garbage streamers to farm for some worthless weapon blueprints 😄
  7. Thanks for the update, but can we seriously get some actual fixes for teralysts as well as news on Khora not being garbage soon? Her 4 is still horribly coded and terrible for gameplay while remaining to look like something that came from a 5 year old's coloring book.
  8. When Tennogen is the best thing added to the game in 3 months
  9. Fix tridolon teleporting, all of Khora's abilities, the lack of scaling for solo through a full 4 man squad in onslaught, all drop rates for Khora and vandals, and last but not least: everything wrong with Cetus. Toss out your new project and make the current game completely flawless as possible. Nobody wants to go to Venus just to experience broken gameplay, mechanics, social spaces and "bounties" when you can simply [DE]lay the content for another 6 months and perfect it. There's a significant difference in how companies work regarding gameplay and content balancing, and currently, you're on the "lets shove new content that we took 5 months to make into the game when it's still not working properly" side of this. Guess what? It's not a good thing. I can assure you that many people who play this game would rather you take time off of updating small crap to work on major projects as well as fixing the current game than put out new garbage for us to only find out that it doesn't work as intended. Quality > Quantity. This isn't completing the 800+ pokedex, DE, it's breeding a perfect game for us to play.
  10. Thanks for the update. Always wanted to play Nightstalker as Ivara (might recolor her again) with a single godlike arrow onto enemies, especially bosses. Forget Chroma, I'm taking Ivara into Eidolon hunts cause fekk the meta. On another hand though, where is the actual purpose of Kuva survival other than the sweats trying to go 10hrs of boredom and no scaling rewards? It's a complete waste of time compared to running all 6 siphons/floods in under 20mins and getting a total of 40k or so (if Kavat cooperates). There is no scaling, no true endgame. Eidolons and fancy Michael Bay explosions and effects aren't endgame. There's no challenge with shooting a few more synovias on a bigger, more worthless big stick of an enemy that gets 2 more attacks per version. Give us scaling Kuva and give more purpose to Plague Star with better playability than the lag-hole of having to open the door 4 times to enter and leave to start a new bounty.
  11. Thanks for another small update to fix things. Is there any ETA on Khora or any new gear? I know we get prime stuff in 4 days, but Khora is FAR overdue. We want new content, not for everything to be fixed down to the tiniest detail that we won't notice at all. As for endless Kuva, please scale rewards like you have never scaled before: MAKE IT BIG AND AWESOME.
  12. Are we going to be able to change loadouts as well as individual arsenal items in the dojo? Having the functionality of using the Observatory as a navigation system is nice and all, but if we can't equip the best gear for a sortie or eidolon hunt/capture from this area, then it will be somewhat pointless for those of us in the endgame with multiple loadouts. Also, please increase the amount of decoration space allowed for the Observatory. I'd love to put up trees, benches and whatnot to make it seem less like a big machine.
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