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  1. unfortunately DE never saw me.... ☹️☹️
  2. Hi, Idk if im in the right place for this , I just want to suggest for the Operator suit's Hood/mask can be toggled for Auto On/Off...just like Venom or Spawn... The reason is, its kind of waste if we have all of this cosmectic on but unable to show it during gameplay unless we manually turned the hood/mask on/off. Pls allow for auto Hood On/off ..i.e ON during battle or combat.. OFF during no conflict , With cool sounds effect of course , mybe its hard for u guys since u guys been working hard for the upcoming major updates, but im sure lots of player will appriciate this. 😬😬😬 ty. Sorry for my bad english...
  3. the color mixture of 1st and the 2nd only works on Warframe weapons now.. [i.e exalted blade] but for the warframe itself only reflected the 1st energy color , pls fix this. thanks.
  4. the secondary color works fine with my Excal...but my Ash 2nd color just work on the 1st energy color... the mix color doesnt show.
  5. what about Hirudo , signature weapon for Nidus ?
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