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  1. Hello Fellow Tenno. As we all go crack open some relics and get our grind on, I find myself being stumped on what relic I want to use on various missions. So the purpose of this thread is simple.. Asking for a request to have all platforms have a "Random Relic" choice next to "No Relic" or even at the bottom of owned relics. I think I , from my own point of view no one elses, waste more time trying to figure out what I want to open. Sometimes even closing my eyes and scrolling randomly to choose a relic to open. Is this request a possible feature that can be added in the future? I , for one, hope so. Thank you for your time in reading this. Please post your comments good and bad. We all have to agree to disagree.. Good Hunting Tenno may the Gold drops forever be in your favor.
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