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  1. you need to complete Saya's Vigil before you can access the quills, which happens to be Gara's quest.
  2. as expected, but thanks for the verification. Keep up the hard work, but don't over work
  3. look, game development is by no means an exact science. they intend for it to be out this week, but sometimes things happen and it doesn't work out. I want to play the update as much as everyone else you know
  4. are you guys really going to disagree over something like this? just accept that de is probably following their home country's format and leave it at that. besides, if it'd be push into the weekend they'd probably decide to push it into next week anyways, despite what they've stated.
  5. couldn't they have, you know, changed the title? pretty sure this is the "coming in november" thread originally
  6. well, i never expected it to actually ship this early, next week at the earliest, possibly later than that.
  7. the chills...they're reaching my bones.... im almost to a point where i cant contain my hype anymore..... as for who him is, its gotta be someone close to the operator or the frame... perhaps ordis or teshin?
  8. they're the winners of the operator casting call from a few weeks ago, thats rly all there is to it
  9. thats funny, i for one have never heard of such a thing. gonna need a source, a specific one at that. if you cant do so, I can only classify it as a delusion
  10. guys, ignore him, hes the same guy from a couple months ago, he just doesnt now when hes lost and should be quiet
  11. man....getting chills down my spine. two "hidden" bits to the page with some possible hints to the truth .. the things the two lines might be implying.... to quote one of my favorite characters: "I'm very excited now. The anticipation." of course, its looking like it might be dropping around the same time as a bi update in another game i play....so help me if the updates are the same day...
  12. naw, vor's rpize is the tutorial, everything requires it. as for the other two, stolen dreams is required for new strange, which in turn is required for Natah, so that why they're required.
  13. beccause if something happens that causes it to be delayed past the approx.release date or it takes longer than people feel it should for whats remaining... the forums would start to burn. then again, they might anyways
  14. they never even said it was a possibility, pretty sure they implie to opposite: that its still in early interations and its going to be a while before its actually ready. afterall, they showed videos of it instead of actually demoing it, which they normally do for this kind of change
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