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  1. milky way? heh, we havent even left our own solar system, only the sentients have. you have no clue just how big our galaxy is, do you? should we ever leave the Origin system, it'll probably be to go to TAU, where the rest of the sentients are. heck, even the Orokin were just starting to expand beyond the Origin system when the Empire got wiped out
  2. or, perhaps its that blocking is now a 100% dmg reduction when hti from within certaino angles?
  3. what makes it even more amusing, is that a closed beta of 4 people would just be a massive waste of resources, at that level their internal team would be more effective, you need at least 10x that, probably 100x that or so for a closed beta, often times even more than that
  4. do you REALLY think that fishing, mining, and conservation (not to mention the other two, which im 95% sure were made in some dudes free time anyways) delayed emperyean by a year? if they had an impact on it, it would be measured in days at the absolute most. Besides, as already mentioned, you can get fishing & mining resources from specific enemies already, and conservation....is mainly floofs.
  5. key word, in this case it is, since those numbers had nothing to do with conclave, and everything to do with the plains of eidolon and Fortuna
  6. id say its not a myth, but I'm not going to debate that with you...I doubt we'd get anywhere doing that. my point is, almostevery freaking thing you've built up in the game is absolutely useless in the grendel missions, you end up with minimal choice in what you can take and actually expect to do anything to the enemy. besides, if this qualifies as "challenge" that players want... then they can literally just go without mods and play regular missions, its no different... but wait...everytime that gets suggested...the vets say that isnt what they want... yet thats just what DE did...
  7. no, we want challenge that doesnt ignore 95% of the freaking games progression. Too much is taken away from the player at the same time, making it annoying instead of fun
  8. DE. Need I remind you that not everyone likes to, or is capable of playing with others? Honestly? you're taking too many things away from the player. 1 of them? sure, 2 maybe? 3? the extreme upper limit/ 4+? way too many restrictions. not fun at all
  9. you know, the irony of this mission, is that it promotes the very things DE is planning to change/remove in the next update. bah. PS. the lantern drains far too quickly. fix it, should drain no more than half the current speed.
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