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  1. radiant shards and arcanes. don't need any other reasons.
  2. they only show up if you haven't completed them. IF you did all of last weeks, and this weeks, you can't do last weeks again. its not designed for you to get farthur ahead but rather to catch up when you're behind
  3. There actually is an ornament in the game for it, you can find it by going [Emissary Ornament] iirc, I checked it out earlier. Only problem is that it seems to have no way to get it
  4. as expected, but thanks for the verification. Keep up the hard work, but don't over work
  5. look, game development is by no means an exact science. they intend for it to be out this week, but sometimes things happen and it doesn't work out. I want to play the update as much as everyone else you know
  6. are you guys really going to disagree over something like this? just accept that de is probably following their home country's format and leave it at that. besides, if it'd be push into the weekend they'd probably decide to push it into next week anyways, despite what they've stated.
  7. couldn't they have, you know, changed the title? pretty sure this is the "coming in november" thread originally
  8. well, i never expected it to actually ship this early, next week at the earliest, possibly later than that.
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