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  1. What we have after a year of waiting? Changing name from Railjack to Empyear - my suggestion for better one - Empty-Year
  2. Hildryn Asuron Helmet - lotus gift "Hildryn first rained death from above on March 7th, 2019 during Operation: Buried Debts." "The blueprint first became available in a Gift of the Lotus alert on May 31st, 2019 as compensation for the downtime between seasons 1 and 2 of Nightwave." In this short time many players bought this helmet for 75p. (I also). Shortly after the recent release, you give it for free. I will buy nothing more from you in my life.
  3. New Boss codename: Ropa-Propan-Butan :D
  4. I know how to stop the nerf of our Rivens and perfectly balance the weapons in the game. Simple solution. Only one Primary, one Secondary and one Melee. Remove all other weapons. No choice, no problem with which one is stronger - too strong and need nerf, which one is trash and need to be little smaller trash after small buff. I'm writing seriously. I have been using Ignis for 3 years (not on the sortie missions of course). At the same time, you took from Ignis the puncture, you took the status chance from multishoot mods, now you downgraded Rivens for Ignis statistics. And Ignis is't some kind BFG like Tigris Prime or others BFG. Ignis is't "One shoot - one kill" weapon. Above 40/50 LVL enemies he do NOTHING. Thanks to you soon will not even be suitable as a cigarette lighter... You just hate Ignis and Ignis players? EDIT: Oh, I forgot about one more. Arcane Rage do not work with Ignis. The Arkane icon starts, but no damage effect. I checked many builds, this same dmg with and without headshoot. Checked on status, crit, 6 different rivens, no modded build, half modded, full modded - nothing. I'm pretty sure that I would not miss a 120% increased damage in long tests. And I don't need long test to check how it worked on Soma for example.
  5. Thanks for nerf Ignis Rivens with CC... Just read my nick with understending EDIT: I found screen with my Riven before nerf. Like I see you downgroad all what he have, not only CC. Electric DMG and fire rate is downgroaded too. I dont have screens for other Ignis Rivens, but I'm sure you downgroad any possible positive statistic... Read my nick with understending - again, sloooow and with focus please.
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