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  1. Not yet. This is just another step after the previous ones. And not the last... We are waiting for the moment when the best weapon will be "Prime Plastic Fork" as a melee weapon. "Prime Bare Hand" as primary weapon and "Prime Trouser Belt" as secondary weapon. After 4 years and MR30 it's time to look for a new game. A game that goes in the right direction, not the wrong one.
  2. Could you please fix some of the hundreds of bugs we can't wait to fix, instead of fixing something no one has heard of and cares about?
  3. It should be that if you already know all three Requiem mods then you know the correct order as well. Mystery revealed, Lich end. Why is this not happening? Because DE doesn't play its own game. If they played, they would know that players who already have Kuva weapons and ephemeras will not start a new mission with Lich - even with a pistol at their head :D So... DE simply destroys the content of its own game.
  4. Not true. Now it happens that you will not join a clan to the alliance because DE believes that this clan does not exist. Not the first time. Now I sent screens, but I don't expect a positive response - help. Ass, not support
  5. Thank you. God bless you. I've been waiting for these fixes for years...
  6. The buyer player has MR18. Kronen Prime requires MR13. Why does the game say I can't sell him Kronen Prime BP "His MR is too low"? (My MR29) Happy New Bugs DE ;)
  7. The Slash and Puncture mods won't just do anything in Sporelacer. Imagine Riven to Sporelacer: Sporelacer Trash-Riven + 100% Slash + 100% Puncture Such Riven will simply do nothing :) Thanks to DE, such a situation is possible! And they've known about this problem Rivens since the first Kitguns came out in the game! Two years, I guess? You can check it out with mods like Bore and Maim. It doesn't matter if you build a Kitgun Sporelacer as a Primary or Secondary weapon. There is no damage increase. Did not work. Nobody has fixed it in years.
  8. I did my first Kitgun with Sporelacer, happy! I bought Riven for rolling and... Sorry for no screen, but players know what's going on. I will just describe them. SPORELACER SCI-VISINAK + 106.8% Damage + 40.2% Flight speed + 59.5% Slash -30.6 Zoom Dear DE. How the hell haven't you had the time to fix Rivens stats to a weapon so far? SPORELACER does not have and cannot have Slash DMG! I thought such bugs were a thing of the past after the first Kitguns. Do you realize how great this lack of competence is? So many years of creating a game and such amateurishness...
  9. Due to the above mentioned problem, the Railjack almost exploded several times. I am not an English speaking player. Sometimes during a fight I don't read the text message and I don't understand the voice message. Damage to the rear of the Railjack is not visible on the minimap. This is annoying for Railjack players. This issue and many more in Railjack missions. "The problem is known" is the answer to all Railjack bug reports. Fairer would be "The problem is known. We don't care."
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