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  1. Sure why not, Just go to Saturn, Punch Alad in his Face, Take Robo-Doggo. PROFIT!
  2. it is a very slippery slope that is best avoided. If you add the LGBT Flag, then people will ask for other similar Flags, Trans, A-Sexual, BI, pansexual. Ect. Then people will demand that their Identity/Ideology be represented too, and will throw a fit when they aren't. And then you get the people who will call out DE for pandering to Minority groups, and blah blah blah, they will threaten to boycott the game for forcing ideology, blah blah blah. The Community starts to call each other names for supporting the side they don't agree with. i mean look at BFV and the ****Storm they caused with the whole Ginger Cyborg Lady in their Trailer and how they responded when the community complained. Politics are bad for games, and the LGBT community is very politically charged.
  3. To Quote the Ordo Xenos: Suffer not the Alien.
  4. Fair point, I really don't know the legality of any of it, Just that DE wants to send someone to Space, and I am sure it isn't an easy thing to get approved.
  5. Well, if the Rocket is owned by NASA or an American company, think there is a lot of Legal issues with them shooting a Foreign National into space.
  6. i would like all the remaining relays to be updated to look like the new once, with different frames and themes. Also Tennocon relay had a pool.
  7. I mean how do you compete with that? DE wants to send one of their Fans into space, How does Destiny or Anthem one up that?
  8. You've got Hostile incoming....It's the Grineer. - Lotus for 6 Years, while you are knee deep in Grineer Corpses.
  9. I don't have much in the way of Confidence for this Stadia thing, if it works it works, and I will give it a try once it proves itself. If it Crashes and Burns, or is just some Cash Grab by Google. Then I dodge a bullet.
  10. To Be totally fair, this has been literally every game with Cosmetics.
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