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  1. It is marked as resolved and say it will be fixed through hotfix. But that has been a month already. Still nothing.
  2. Is it possible to make it so you gain standing for the Quills as well, when you hunt Didolons, just like with Vox Solaris when doing Profit Taker mission bounties?
  3. Finally decided on the fourth ability and took the original one I had off, and put it in the alternative section (even though I really liked it when I first thought of it).
  4. Yeah... I sent a support ticket about it, and still nothing is fixed.
  5. then why not run zenurik? it gives energy regen for like 30 seconds-ish, and teh regen speed is pretty decent too.
  6. so basically just some aesthetic that doesn't really contribute to actual gameplay that much.
  7. Well, take your pick of the ones you prefer.
  8. SoonTM Don't get anxiety over it. Just relax and do other things to keep you busy.
  9. Did you know you can skip almost every cutscene in warframe? even the one where you jump off your lander? Did you know you can skip the dialogue portion of accepting the profit taker? So yes... skip buttons exist... MR test is just a way to gauge player skill. EVERY single player that has passed it, practiced for it, changed certain settings, used different equipment to get by it. Everyone has a different skill level, but skill can be improved. Oh...well if you can't be bothered then I guess the advice that everyone has given you, is pointless... even the ones about making a support ticket to talk to DE about, or possibly messaging DE_Rebecca or something...
  10. True, if they don't want to be harassed. But generally pub groups don't owe each other anything. They only need to complete the mission objective, or minimum. I'm not justifying anything, but it is, what it is. I will neither complain or approve of it.
  11. Sadly, some people assume that MR is related to how powerful or experienced someone is. This is bad because MR just shows how much equipment they have maxed. All I can say is to ignore the nonhelpful critics. Slowly build yourselves up. A steady foundation is better than a shaky/nonexistent one.
  12. Teammates' kills within Tenno Affinity range also count.
  13. whenever limbo rolls/slides, he leaves behind a void portal that sends whoever that enters it into the void field. in which case, all you have to do is roll out of it. basically this ^.
  14. but you can pick up loot in cataclysm tho....
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