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  1. I mostly use his shield and discharge. His first ability i may use sometimes but barely, and will sometimes use it on the shield. I barely and even avoid using speed. I just can't stand how it affects mobility. I would rather use saryn's molt for mobility, but even then I wouldn't because it's used mainly for an escape and heal. So yeah, that's pretty much how I use volt.
  2. VoidWraith

    All Sold

    All sold.
  3. VoidWraith

    Which K-Drive Part gives Mastery?

    the boards. Also, the first thing on the assemble list is usually the one that gives the mastery. ie: zaws is the strike, kitguns are the chamber.
  4. VoidWraith

    Why do koppra faulds cost money?

    how? it's not that hard to earn plat in this game.
  5. VoidWraith

    All Sold

    The Angstrum riven is sold.
  6. VoidWraith

    All Sold

    Still selling, bump.
  7. VoidWraith

    All Sold

    Angstrum Sati-Critado: Dread Zetiada: Nikana Pura-toxibo: Reaper Prime Mantido: Scourge Acri-mantides: Sydon Pleciada: PM me here or ingame.
  8. VoidWraith

    Umbra is part of the crew

    I dont mind having him to main one of the stations for railjack, but as for having him walking about the orbiter? no thanks.
  9. VoidWraith

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

    Her original purpose was to exterminate us. But it changed after absorbing Margulis' memory I guess, and for a time she has acted in our interest? But now, as you have given the example of the New War trailer, it is clear that now she has possibly and highly likely finally sorted out her priorities (mostly likely her original mission). Depending on how the New War quest plays out, I know that i am very likely to just off spacemom. And Ballas too (we will never really be true allies, and i'd rather get rid of potential threats).
  10. @Endrian I missed you. Still wished your concept was in the game instead of the current Chroma. But anyway, back to your thread. I like the Ruinous Effigy concept, as well as the operator concept. The Umbral Schools seem interesting as well.
  11. VoidWraith

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.5

    is it possible to make it so that warframes that come with their own armors like frost's shoulder armors and mag's shoulder armors, and etc, to unequip it?
  12. VoidWraith

    UPDATE: The Sacrifice -- Twitch Drops Campaign

    guessing we cant get more formas once you've got all the twitch drops for this week.
  13. Is it possible to make Saryn's Molt get re-infected by her Spore's? like let's say you popped all the spores on the molt, if an enemy with spores dies near it, or you pop a spore on the enemy while they are near the molt, it could allow the molt to re-attain the spore (the popped spore or the enemy with the spore dies close to it, will spread the spore back to the molt), so that it can be popped again? Just asking.
  14. VoidWraith

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.12.0

    I feel like all abilities that shoot projectiles out without a need for target should be chargeable (ie: ember's fireball, frost's freeze, zephyr's air burst, hydroid's tempest barrage [this can already be charged], nyx's psychic bolts, and volt's shock). But that's just my opinion. Everything else in this update seems great.
  15. VoidWraith

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.3

    how about for some people where the choices affected different morality then it was supposed to have given?