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  1. then i'd recommend some kind of AoE effect to accompany that mechanic, that would further fit into the phoenix motif.
  2. don't think that feature exists unfortunately. if you tell it to hold position, it will hold position there until you or some other player tells it to follow.
  3. I mean, it almost seems like Ember 3.0 (may not necessarily be better than the current ember, but looks like a nice alternative to her) If you are trying to base the frame around the phoenix, it also has a healing/cleansing/purifying property as well. Since most often then not, the phoenix also symbolizes rebrith; rising from the ashes.
  4. how? it's not that hard to earn plat in this game.
  5. @Endrian I missed you. Still wished your concept was in the game instead of the current Chroma. But anyway, back to your thread. I like the Ruinous Effigy concept, as well as the operator concept. The Umbral Schools seem interesting as well.
  6. is it possible to make it so that warframes that come with their own armors like frost's shoulder armors and mag's shoulder armors, and etc, to unequip it?
  7. guessing we cant get more formas once you've got all the twitch drops for this week.
  8. Is it possible to make Saryn's Molt get re-infected by her Spore's? like let's say you popped all the spores on the molt, if an enemy with spores dies near it, or you pop a spore on the enemy while they are near the molt, it could allow the molt to re-attain the spore (the popped spore or the enemy with the spore dies close to it, will spread the spore back to the molt), so that it can be popped again? Just asking.
  9. I feel like all abilities that shoot projectiles out without a need for target should be chargeable (ie: ember's fireball, frost's freeze, zephyr's air burst, hydroid's tempest barrage [this can already be charged], nyx's psychic bolts, and volt's shock). But that's just my opinion. Everything else in this update seems great.
  10. how about for some people where the choices affected different morality then it was supposed to have given?
  11. oooh a survey, hope DE can glean what they can from it, hahas....
  12. whoa, the trailers from those winners....amazing.
  13. oooh, a frame that looks liek the shredder from TMNT.
  14. is it possible to have the toggle prime details on the excalibur? even though i know it barely has any....
  15. It seems that trading with the Brilliant Shards with Maroo for 25k Endo isn't intended... but if you guys lowered the Endo for trading it with Maroo, would that be ok?
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