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  1. I went straight for my old Duality setup with a Kohm (status riven). It's rather insane.
  2. Cold can work. Mind posting the stats?
  3. Looking for a fulmin riven with any combo of CC/CD/MS/DMG/ELEMENTAL (toxin++ or ele+) PM here
  4. I also really like the frame but rarely use her. Imo other than cheesing endless missions, there is always a frame more efficient for the task at hand, than Ivara. With that said, when I do take her out it is to have a good time 🙂 Running around with a glass cannon, concentrated arrow build is very fun/enjoyable and you should try it out!
  5. I use the cookie cutter catchmoon kitgun on Nova, to fill the orb in one shot. (should be hard to miss with that shot as well..)
  6. Her 2 grants you invincibility when you reactivate, so I tend to spam it when I have to face tank something. But I only use flow on my low efficiency build, so I don't really disagree with you. __ I roll with the no-ammo setup; Fulmin and whatever kitgun. It's both chill and powerful. But I pull out the Kohm when I feel like going crazy with the haste reservoir;
  7. Interesting build! Wisp is quickly becoming my favorite frame. Her looks, passive and play style is so satisfying. I'm all about the reservoir fire rate life so I haven't used her 4 much.. I will try your build (coupled with black energy color lmao)
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