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  1. I do alot of solo PT runs for fun(!) and I find my weapon choices tend to be the same, but I change up the frame. My weapons have rivens specific for the Profit taker and I get consistently 5 min to 6 min runs with most frames (excluding Chroma/Mirage) Using Wisp and Wukong these days with the usual suspects; Battacor (Mag, Cor, Cold) Tombfinger (Rad, Viral, Heat, Punc/Imp) Crit Redeemer (Gas, Ele, Blast) // Iron Staff (Toxin, Slash) One-shot Corvas (Rad) Fulmin/Catchmoon also get used from time to time, making it easier to shoot the pylons when in Archwing. Not as many elemental/ips choices, so I keep my combo counter up at all times to one-shot the shield.
  2. Cold can work. Mind posting the stats?
  3. Looking for a fulmin riven with any combo of CC/CD/MS/DMG/ELEMENTAL (toxin++ or ele+) PM here
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