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  1. Exactly and they also become buller sponges and it also doesnt make sense to be getting 1 shormtted by normal npcs..only bosses should be able to do that
  2. They pose no threat tho..Vor(for t4 void missions) is easy to 1 shot kill, and so are the others....only one i personally have issu with is the thumper but only cause they move around too much.
  3. Im mire into flashy animated cosmetics..like the new nezha,harrow, and wukong skin
  4. Nah man lol i dont trust DE with cosmetics 😂😂idk who their art designer is but that guy needs some brain vacation...most of the cosmetics that looks good in the game comes from players
  5. While they do go invisible,they arent invincible in that mode like we're as tennos.
  6. I already mentioned that video and also pointed out the fact that he had to be in invisible/immunity mode in order to actually do it.
  7. It does sound challengin except for the long time to kill part..cause that would make him a bulletsponge
  8. Right thats what i was saying..it'd give players a way to play the game in a new perspective(more cautious).i mean dont u get bored of finishing every missions quickly?with no challenge whatsoever..and when i suggested the idea of armors, there's also a reason why i didnt propose that DE give them, instead i proposed that they make it so that the players can gather materials and build their own eith their own preferred stats..doing so would cause less chaos in the game as each people would build around what they're most/less skilled at..for instance I suck at surviving so obviously id build on defence and health..or say you're good at that AND dpsing, you build on health and power(so you could use your ability more often)..doing so would give them a new door for a lot of opportunities such as tenno pvp, which wouldnt be about people jumping all over the place like frogs.it'd be more like a typical TPS shooter pvp.
  9. Ohh yea that'd be awesome..i really would love to see us become the hunted instead of always being the hunters
  10. While i do agree with your point but remember,in warframe mobility is the key to you survival..armor means nothing in this game cause the enemies are broken and so are we..The tennos might be "tankier" than any frames but how useful is that if/when you can still be 1 shotted by a bombard or heavy gunner?..i do believe they're going the right route with the duvury update which will expand on the tennos(giving them weapons). Im not saying that they should make it so that the tennos replace the frame.no no, im saying that it'd be nice to have as a second option..like a new play style if you will, for those that wants to challenge themselves or just to spice things up..it gets boring always going on a mission gun blazing,finishing it in under 2 mins..heck most missions in this game dont even take 1 min to finish..other than defence, excavation.etc etc...so doing it as a tenno would more less give em another feel..obviously it'd have to be optional..like a challenge with a nice juicy reward
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