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  1. Well ya true, cause in the umbra quest we did take away his pain
  2. Ohh, gotcha, cause I've tried different frames such as nezha, sevagoth n so on, I've found that sevagoths shadow cannot pull the adds in there and that they're immune the the stun ability of nezha's 4th...sevagoth' 3rd ability does slow them down a lot though
  3. Ehh, the moment we started taking payment from one faction to murder the other, we stopped being "soldier" we're literally what politicians would call mercenaries.
  4. Exactly, like I understand that we, in theory are there to limit the capabilities of each factions but we literally aren't that different from them, heck we take money from one of em and help them murder the other faction.
  5. While I do agree on the note that we're the lesser evil since we don't attack civilian population like they do or enslave for money, but uve got to admit that we turn a blind eye on certain things when it benefit us..perfect example is the relay, when you go to the red vail, we can literally see them in the process of torturing a grineer, yet we don't intervene.
  6. Exactly, like we've nevr tried to even have diplomatic peace with em(granted the 1st time we met the queens they tried to take control over us) but like we've got parvos that we could reach a deal with..etc etc
  7. We can't be "revived" I'd we were nevr dead in the 1st place, and the only reason why we were "revived" was 1) cause she lost control and 2) as u saw in the beginning of the mission, it was to beat vor to it since he would've revived us 1st n do his bidding.
  8. And in some missions we can even attract non fighter grineer members (uk. The engineers that fixes the ship, the don't attack unless we hurt them 1st)
  9. But that's just the issue though, our Cephalon had to make a "fake one " in order for us to still feel "dedicated " heck I honestly do think DE should've made teshin take over.
  10. Yes I've been using the crowns to enter...ohh I didn't know it depended on the squad size, thought that as long as you get 25, that's all tht matters
  11. I don't have any lich or sister active hence why I've been trying to create a new one..when in solos, for some reason I've only been able to get 17 b4 the counter reaches 0, I didn't know if others had an active lich/sister it could affect the spawn rate.
  12. Ok now I do know we've a quest already called "the old war" but do yall really consider that the old war? IMHO it would've been better lore wise if DE had formally put out an old war quest. I mean like go back in time to actually see how the orokin was, a side quest about how the zaramin ten zero happened, magulis' death, natah' infiltration of the oroking (also how the sentients were created) the beginning of the orokin's fall..etc etc you get the gist...don't get me wrong, I am glad that we're finally getting a new quest/activity but I just think they should've started by showing us what really happened or to an extent make us go through it.what do yall think?
  13. I was playing the other day, and usually, just like everyone else, I never paid attention to the dialogues before but for some reason, I was quite attentive this time. So as players we've always judged the grineers as mindless followers that follows the queen's orders without questions and one dialogue that prove such a thing is they'll often be saying " for the queens " but then if you pay attention to our tennos, during the missions they'll sometimes say the samething but instead of the queens they'll say " for the lotus". So my belief is just as we've been quite judgemental of the grineers, we've started to become like them since we've always done lotus' bidding without questions nor suggestions. What's yalls take on that dialogue? And do you've your own theory?
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