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  1. Please for the love of all that is holy, sober up your coildrive drivers
  2. I've been doing Vallis bounties for the resources for researching Cephalon Cy and you would not believe how frequently this halts progress
  3. The only thing that worries me about this is, with previous balance changes, rivens that already had their rolls weren't changed, this was fantastic because it meant that they couldn't reroll without their riven being effectively nerfed, but doesn't undermine the time they spent getting the hundreds of thousands of kuva required to get it to that roll. This looks like it can be applied to existing rivens retroactively, changing the max stats of the Riven when equipped is much different to changing the max stats of a Riven when next rolled. Which isn't going to make many people very happy, especially when you already had a (albeit worse) pre-established buffing and nerfing system in place prior to this. I like the changes, I just fear for the people who spent days farming kuva for their Tiberon riven I haven't been paying attention to riven re-balancing since the first wave, and at that point, it sounded like this was what they were going to do and I just assumed that's what they did. Thank you to all who informed me politely.
  4. Unfortunately, the Lich can control half the planets that the siphons can be on at a time, and we can't control where the fortress is. It's entirely possible that the two planets are both controlled by the Lich for hours at a time.
  5. Could you at least tell us what these "issues" specifically were? I understand if it was a performance issue, (and I'm pretty sure this limit won't affect most songs) but how could you possibly manage to make a glorified electric keyboard cause more performance issues than the majority of the rest of the game?
  6. A little more detail on what this is would be really nice, seeing as it finally seems like you're looking into making lore for frames without quests, since, you know, nightwave is more important than warframe quests.
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