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  1. Couple of days ago the Freezing Step Ephemera dropped from the Exploiter Orb. At the time I had a Shocking Step building in the foundry, so I tough that maybe I would show after the build was complete. Today the Shocking Step finished building and the Freezing Step is nowhere top be seen.
  2. Really Nice update, loved the quest, sounds, infinite Archwing, etc. I do have one complain. Just did my 1st Arbitration, the host and some other guy decided to leave after the 1st rotation (on the last second), I and some other dude want to continue, wen we got beck from the host migration I got killed immediately, so game ended after the other dude tried to hold on form a minute or so. The thing is I thought. OK no problem I'll just do it again... No can do, you can only do the arbitration one time. That Is my complain, I got locked out of getting other possible rewards from Arbitration because of some dudes that wanted to leave. So I guess there is no doing this mode whit randoms otherwise sooner or later you will get another situation like this one.
  3. Question for the devs: Are there any plans to update the mobile app and the rewards from extractors?
  4. So has it stands I can se 2 Positives and 2 negatives of this changes: Its positive that you can choose what reward you get 1st on the reward type milestone, but not really needed on my opinion; Also positive to have higher scaling rewards, a very welcome improvement; on the less good side, you are only rewarding people for entering the game daily, no matter if its for 1 min or 2 hours. I think you should reconsider adding MR or hours played in the rewards calculations; Finally I don't like it that you are continuing to lock content that is needed to progress on Mastery Rank behind a mandatory x days reward, imagine you can only play Warframe on the weekend, how long would you need to unlock those guns needed to progress on your MR? On a last note I would like thank DE for this workshop and for listening to all the feedback.
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