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  1. Just waiting till Chroma comes
  2. I beg you to make a difference between p2w and pay to skip. Also warframe is mainly a PVE game, how could you even utilize p2w?
  3. with Infinity Gauntlet
  4. You think so? I mean the only real ability why Chroma is used it vex armor, which is literally Chroma angry Chroma smash
  5. Raids? Reworks, Chroma could need some love? Empyrionsystem? Melee 3.0? Next Open World? Next reworked title set?
  6. Frame Reworks/Revisits/Buffs? Will we get the new war before tennocon? empyrion system? Raids? New Weapons like two handed nikanas?
  7. Could you please fix chroma''s vex armor, you can pass through nullifier bubbles without deactivating it
  8. Since this is the last one of the year, one question: Are you about to rework chroma next year?
  9. I know this already, but I'm especially asking about the nodachi
  10. Chroma rework? News on Railjack, Fortuna? Melee rework and Rev Nodachi? Raids when?
  11. So a A+ band-aid rework for Nyx and a F band-aid for Titania....
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