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  1. They use cascade bombs: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orokin_Power_Core#Variants As for Garas backstory i think they used the same or something fused within void energy
  2. but you all forget the most important thing: Chroma should be able to use all of the abilities of the elemental frames ,which are build into him.
  3. Both of them have their buff conditions. You are morly complaining that you can't deal with her buff condition
  4. You clearly misunderstand mesas rolle in warframe, its a clearer, killing the small buffs etc. Frames like Chroma, Rhino have the boss killing rolle. If you want that mesa can shoot at everything, i want the nuke limbo back and that nullies can no longer deactivate his cataclysm
  5. Before suggesting that how about suggesting a build which fixes the present Chroma?
  6. First: DON'T cap everything! Second: contact support they will help you
  7. That's exactly the point, its pretty often that if you are playing with others, some enemies are just ignoring you, doesn't matter if the run besides you or shot at you allies, until you hit them and they die. Ack&brunts augment mod is there to tank the incoming dmg your teammates receives, you shouldn't have to be shoot at to activate this mod.
  8. My rework would be: Passive: Dragons hoarding: Kills within Chromas affinity range enemies drop 25% more credits First ability: "unknow name": make it to a quiver, so you can press/hold to switch elements. The actual ability is that Chroma is able to shot a single elemental projectile (similar to elemental frames 1 and his augment) Second ability: Elemental Ward: generally the some, but in addition to it, every time Chroma casts it, an elemental wave erupts out of him (compaire to arson eximus units) Third ability: Vex armor (but with different options) : 1: Just let it stay like it is, but buffing elements to 2: Use the old calculation (reverting it back to multiplication instead of addition), but weaker. Has to be higher than rhinos dmg buff, because of the sacrifice Chroma takes to buff himself New augment: making it to a toggle ability( I personally prefer the time limit we have atm) Fourth ability: effigy: pretty much the same, therefore it will be finally able to buff his allies, with some elemental affinities to Chromas current element. Also allies will get the EW and VA buff if Chroma has it active (elemental wave will also be send out). As for myself it is important to recognize Chroma still as the elemental dragon, he should be. In the actual state of his abilites, Chroma is nothing more than Hulk as a space ninja, getting angry if he's getting dmg and using his anger to decimate them to tiny cubes, in a short way described: Chroma on VA modded is just boring and doesn't pressent his theme rightly
  9. You think so? I mean the only real ability why Chroma is used it vex armor, which is literally Chroma angry Chroma smash
  10. Chroma as hulk
  11. Since we are no longer able to block, activating mods like guardian derision and electromagnetic shielding, I propose to change the condition from "if blocking" to "if active equipped"
  12. So you are actually complaining about the stance, thats what people are often forgetting. I really love it when don't understand that the melee is more stance focused
  13. If you're Rhino is fully modded, you shouldn't have problem with Vor. Maybe you don't know, but you have to shoot at the glowing thing, not his physical body
  14. this just demonstrates that you don't know what builds I'm thinking of. It's not my problem if you are getting insulted by a metaphorical comparison.
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