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  1. Oh sorry, I should have been more specific about that part of the particle. What I was actually referring to was the texture changes for the particles. What you see isn't a difference is shine but a completely different texture. The newer texture has a more bland metallic feel with a hint of a basic gradient while the old texture is set how it looks (in other words, I believe the old texture looks way better and suitable to be "anti-matter" while the new texture makes it look like a ball of metal). Here are more screenshots that I found as an example of how it's not just shine. and here's more screenshots of how it looks now: Note: the texture has changed and been applied to both Antimatter Drop and Null Star.
  2. So I haven't played warframe for about a week now and I'm extremely confused to what happened with Nova's abilities in terms of particles. To me, I don't understand these changes to her particle effects at all. They look completely off and don't look like they belong to Nova's build (her being the anti-matter frame) at all. In my opinion they look plain, metallic, and like a base shader from any particle pack slapped onto a sphere. I feel as if this has completely removed the depth from the particles and made them too animated (in other words, they don't look like they belong to this game). I don't know if this was intentionally made like this or if it's a bug but please, change it back. Now I know a lot of people will share the same opinion as me and others the opposite so I'm always happy to hear what others have to say about this "change". Old particle effects for Antimatter Drop: (borrowed screenshot for example) New particle effects for Antimatter Drop: old particle effects for Null Star: (borrowed screenshot for example) new particle effects for null star:
  3. I feel like this should have been a "Hey, if you watch twitch streamers, for every hour you watch you get a reward, and over time the chances of getting something good like Khora or Nidus increase per hour so you eventually have a solid chance to actually get a warframe!" instead of a "Hey, if you watch twitch streamers, you can drops every hour and even have a small chance at getting Khora and Nidus!"
  4. Been watching for 11 hours so far. 6x 7500 Credits 3x Grand Fireworks 1x Lith C3 Relic
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