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  1. ShadowMark25

    Coming June 16: Devstream #94!

    Hello o/ My question is regarding the Simulacrum. With multiplayer Simulacrum on it's way, is it possible for the Simulcrum itself to be touched up a bit? In particular I mean these points:
  2. ShadowMark25

    Coming Soon: Devstream #92!

    Hello o/ My Questions: Is there any chance of changing the current default scope for regular weapons like the Soma and the Padero? As it is, it's very hard to accurately aim with it. (Even Serious Conclave players use overlay programs for custom scopes). Any eta on Sheild Gating? Any eta on when Harrow drops? Are Sortie tokens being considered? or is it still a 'No'? Also, some questions regarding Rivens: Is there a chance for a mechanic where dissolving Rivens can give you Kuva instead of Endo? or Are there Lore implications behind not implications it? If so, can you please explain? Is there a chance for a mechanic where you can roll any one stat on a riven to change it instead of all of it for increased amounts of Kuva? As it is, the current Extreme RNG with Rivens mean that prices are going over 1k plat for some of them.
  3. ShadowMark25

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.6+

    Thanks for all of the speedy hotfixes DE! much appreciated! Just want to re-point a bug before it gets buried in all of the Hema salt: Any update on the Glast Gambit alignment bug?
  4. ShadowMark25

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.5

    Thanks for the Hotfixes DE! and Happy New Year! If you don't mind me asking though, can you please give an ETA on the Glast Gambit alignment bug? Also, if possible, to have separate option to mute Ordis, instead of being bundled in the 'Enable Hint Transmissions' option? I like hearing my Cephalon Again, thanks for all of the work! Bye!
  5. ShadowMark25

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.3

    Hello ! First of all, Merry Christmas DE! With the recent DDoS, hope you're having some time to enjoy yourselves Second, having read the updated post by [DE] Drew in this thread, I am simply reporting about my problem. During the Glast Gambit (Having played it before hotfixes were deployed), I had picked Neutral in my alignment choice, but both my alignment wheel and the inbox message show the Moon choice instead. Stay cheery, and Hope you guys get lots of presents! Bye o/
  6. ShadowMark25

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.3

    This. That's exactly what happened to me too. My game is still updating though, so has it been fixed?
  7. ShadowMark25

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.3

    Can you please the clarrify what the script for the alignment actually does? Like, in my case I pick Neutral and got moon instead. Even the inbox email I got was the one for Moon. But when the script runs, what will happen? and what about those who picked Moon and got something else?
  8. ShadowMark25

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.1 + 19.5.2

    Question, for those who have already done the Glast Gambit and got mixed up alignment (i.e. I picked Neutral and got moon instead), is there any news on whether there's a way to fix it? Cause I just checked my inbox, and my mail is still from the moon alignment
  9. ShadowMark25

    Coming Soon: Spoiler-Heavy Devstream #83!

    Will it be possible to turn off chat and Focus notifications altogether? The current settings don't have any option to turn off clan chat or Focus notifications when you pick up a convergence orb, which really break immersion when playing storyline quests solo.
  10. ShadowMark25

    Hotfix 19.0.4

    Thanks for the Update DE! Much Aprreciated!. Bugs I noticed that remain include: 01. Sonicor Holster Bug. 02. Unable to place decorations in the Liset. I can still remove stuff, but not put them back.
  11. ShadowMark25

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.0.2

    Thanks for the update, DE! The bugs I listed before, though, still persist. Specifically: With regard to the Graphics problem, I have already contacted support. With regards to the War Within quest though, I have few requests, namely: 01. Please set the quest to 'solo mode only' from the start. When starting the quest, I had initially joined a public group, but then had to alt-F4 due to a game hang. When I restarted the game and mission (solo this time), it turns out that I had missed out on quite some dialogue due to lag. 02. Please give us an option to turn off chat altogether, specially for the quest. During the play through, I found clan notifications to be incredibly distracting and immersion breaking, and couldn't completely enjoy the quest (it was still awesome, just not to the level it could have been without constant interruptions).
  12. ShadowMark25

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.0.2

    First of all, Thank You DE!!!!! An incredible quest, and for all of it's bugs, I had alot of fun while playing it. Second, some of the bugs I found include a Sonicor holster bug and a graphics setting Bug. I made a post in the Animations and UI section, here: Third, during in game transmissions, my operator seems as if she's always looking up. Is it possible to make her face forward, like in the above screenshots? Don't know about anyone else, but mine looks pretty ugly from that angle XD Fourth, I noticed that you can't dash with your Archwing during the quest. Is that intented? Lastly, (and this is just a personal pet peeve of mine), but is it possible to turn off certain voice transmissions of the operator? Like when facing the infested, she goes: 'Disgusting Monstrosities.....'. It's a little too much language for my taste, especially with the current TWW reveals, which makes it look as if she's looking down on her Warframe. I picked all if my options in the quest neutral, neither pure black, nor white, and I'd like it if my operator reflected it ingame too. For all of it's bugs though, I had a BLAST while playing it. For the incredible time, THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU
  13. ShadowMark25

    Recurring Dreams + Hotfix 1

    Quest rewards are only obtainable the first time you do the quest. It would get too easy to farm rare stuff otherwise. To get Broken War again though, you have to craft it, or buy the Hunhow's pack. The blueprint drops from Shadow Stalker and the parts (1 x War Hilt and 2 x War Blade) drop from Conculysts in Lua. I recommend Spamming the Crossfire Exterminate mission (Sentients appear in the first minute or so; you can abort if it doesn't drop.) For the blueprint though, it depends on luck. Good luck Hunting!
  14. ShadowMark25

    Recurring Dreams + Hotfix 1

    Nice! Thanks for the Update DE! Been wanting to replay the quest with my new gear for ages !!!! *Waits patiently in corner for majority of bugs to be fixed* I do have some requests though. Is it possible to please add Friendly Fire mode back? Also Fix enemy spawns in JV? In case of Friendly Fire mode, my suggestion is for a planet to have two different Nightmare missions. One with Friendly Fire and One without. Also, only one of those missions could be played at a time, meaning doing 1 Nightmare on 1 planet resets the timer on both missions in the same planet. Bugs or no Bugs though, thanks again for the update! Love you guys!!! And Good luck at PAX AUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ShadowMark25

    The Index Preview: Hotfix #2

    In game description says that's only for the High Risk Investment, not the Medium one (10 points) or the Low one (5 points).