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  1. Yes these to issues can be two different things, but they don't have to be. A 2 part verifivcation like an authenticator, could just as well be placed on the step where you wish to transfer ingame valuables from one acount to the next as well as something that will prevent another IP from entering the account. The reason I started this thread was to find out if there was anything in the making I didn't know about and to see what other concerns other players had without asking directly. and the answers came. You claim that we need to prevent logins from computers to stop keyloggers/bots from
  2. Nobody is claiming that some nafarius villian is sitting in his dark tower somewhere hacking game accounts. This is usualy done by bots. And then someone in the other end beeing all happy about getting free stuff from his bot/hack. And or somebody trying to make money of this sort of thing. Just because you can't think of a way to make money from this sort of automated venture. does not mean somebody is not going to try doing this with this game like every other game.
  3. Well my thought was the problem of keyloggers or simmilar. Since in my experience you can apparently get this on your system no mather how paranoid you are. And when that happens it dosent matter if you have a long password or change it often. So my issue isn't that people should be more carefull, it's that even if you are carefull you can still have your information snapped up by some lowlife somwhere that don't give a F* about you. And if this kind of thing gets widespread now that we can send items worth actual money to other players, it could potentialy have the effect that a lot of p
  4. I used to feel the same, but with these measures and paranoid levels of script blocking anti vius etc. I still got my account hacked a couple of years ago (not this game, but still). And the only security measure that was not pressent was a 2 step verification that would/could have prevented that incident. I don't think it's likely that lightning will strike twice, but not having the option to be able to choose adding a 2 step verification for security to our accounts seem to me to be opening up the posibility for somebody to missuse our accounts. I see that a lot of people don't wan't a
  5. Hi. I have been trying to find an answer to this question, but any thread I find on the topic seems to be closed. Now that we can send items in the market to other players worth plat. There is no other verification than pressing OK. And speaking from experience, getting your account hacked is no fun. So DE, when are we getting some sort of 2 step verification or similar to protect our accounts from missuse? We all love this game so it would be a shame if players stops playing this great game because they get hacked and loose all their plat. It dosen't realy matter if the devs hel
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