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  1. At 3.5 until rank 27 with these horrible "do with friends" missions we've been constantly getting. I really hope that I'm able to get that Umbra forma. After spending years playing this game, I'm done with the time sink it requires. I can do the 5ks that don't require a clan mate friend without issue. And this is not a co-op game. It's a pretty easy game. If I want to spend hours and hours and hours and hours and hours trying to get something with other people I'll go back to MMOs. Each week, those of who don't dedicate their life to playing Warframe have missed out on 5k Nightwave rewards. I'm glad that people who couldn't put the time and effort into jumping into a mission to get a nitain extract are so happy with this stuff they call a reward. However, all it took was just a little dedication to doing those alerts and I have 148 nitain. I either did them solo or with pugs as I do everything in Warframe. This requirement to have a friend or clan mate. Well, we'll just see. Em8er will be out one day.
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