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  1. Replayable Chimera Prologue when?
  2. I'm still waiting on the Chimera Prologue to be replayable. I wanna see Sadlas(Sad Ballas) again.
  3. Great idea for a change, but personally I think a step even further may be just what warframe needs. That is to be able to move while casting atleast your 1st 3 abilities on warframes. As of late newer warframes have started to have abilities that don't lock you into an animation to cast certain abilities, and certain frames that have been out for awhile don't get that sort of treatment. I would like to see the day that I can cast Rhinos roar, or banshees 1st ability while running to my objective.
  4. Stuff like this is only ever blown up because someone other than the overseeing body gets ahead of it. Though it is the more likely to happen that someone else covers the issue first, what makes it worse is silence. If Rahetalius is the only one giving any information true or not, and there is no opposing story, then that is sure to cause what this discussion has turned to, chaos. Turning blind eye to things 99% of the time never works. My suggestion is get in front of issues, moderation has been talked about for a long time, and yet no actual concrete information or information at all has been provided from the head, yet has only been provided by a community advocate(Rahetalius). If DE gets in front of these issues, it is less likely to hurt more than it could if left alone.
  5. They said maybe the first week of november, which meant 1 of 2 things, the week of nov 1st, or the First full week of november which leaves us with today to friday this week for them to fulfill their "promise". Even though they didn't promise anything about release windows except this week with some of the recent website additions.
  6. How do I do this? Auto login would be really nice!
  7. Banned for thinking Revenant is yours.
  8. Banned for quoting a grineer chicken man.
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