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  1. Realistically they should have as many prestige as their has been different nighteaves plus 1 prestige where it's just credits so that way they can have a super long intermission when needed and have what's called personal selection of rewards aka login rewards when you have the 200,400,600 login reward choices say on day 200 you want day 600 reward now and on day 400 you want day 200 reward. Do that but for nightwave and allow us to choose what we want or have it set to default give us what we don't have but if we don't have several options allow us to pick but say we have option 200 and option 400 and 600 is the only ones we can pick. Hopefully I examined it good enough so people can understand it. And essentially restart the process at 30 to get back to 1 but then after all 3 rewards on every single 30 ranks is given then it goes into prestige 60. So equivalent of 120 levels since theirs been 3 night waves and 1 set of 30 for prestige.
  2. I was wanting to know if you wanted to convert a sister which one has the best damage and use case for Ai to use. I know the Ai can't really use alt fire weapons so all of those are thrown out. And I know that precision weapons will never land headshots because the Ai is horrible so basically the best body shot weapon unmodded because the liches don't use mods on their weapons they scale with their level. For liches it was originally the kuva bramma I was thinking the tenet envoy but tenet arca plasmor has higher base damage and envoy has slower firing rockets but I guess laser guided is good cause they have quick snap aim to targets so if they fire and the enemy dies then remaining rockets would fly to the new snap aim target the Ai has chosen...
  3. Still collecting data but out of 25 liches I got 8 ephemeras. And out of 7 sisters no ephemera...
  4. As the title says basically how warframe can swap ability but for pets imagine putting charm on any companion or sential or robot or any other abilities from compainions that are specific to that companion. So that way mods can be shared.
  5. Most warframe eventually get a rework I forgot they have reworked nidus before but they might change his abilities again who knows I'm not de but generally when a prime frame gets release they eventually do a ability rework. Op said that only frame who need a rework gets a rework and nidus doesn't need anything he's already good and I'm just saying those are just ability suggestions that would go well with the lore of nidus and the helminth system and how nidus is the helminth master and helminth generally changes or improves abilities of warframe by consuming warframe and the idea of an empowered nidus being unlocked with a nidus prime for a permanent upgrade to the base abilities doesn't sound too far fetched and while all the abilities I have suggested togeather sounds over edge and over powered to some people they are just ideas and not all of them have to be implemented hence why things are called ideas it's up to DE to make the final say in things I put in general discussion so if someone else thinks prime nidus should unlock something with helminth that helps the lore between the 2 creatures I would love to hear their ideas. But instead of getting open minded people I get people getting mad over my ideas like I'm saying this is all finalized but it's not its just ideas if you have better ones then post or if you feel something is too overwhelming for an ability what would you replace it with out of my suggestions would you impliment 1 of these ideas if you were DE or would you come up with a different idea?
  6. You realize they created a 2nd Excalibur with just improved abilities his roar weakens sentients other Excaliburs can't do that and also has sentient passive which other Excaliburs don't have I don't think what I'm asking is unreasonable at all since it would require interaction with the helminth system possibly maxing out helminth in order to unlock a stronger version of nidus prime which is just a helminth empowered nidus prime.
  7. We all got to see the cool design on the tennocon twitch stream. It became powerful enough to infest orokin warframe technology and incorporated orokin gold warframe parts into itself so I thought why not give it more infested abilities while still keeping the original abilities. And some may ask how well you have toggle abilities and press and hold abilities. But why does he deserve more powerful abilities it would help explain the lore of how nidus and the helminth have evolved over time due to the lore since nidus is its master and the helminth system helps improve warframe abilities and share other warframe abilities with other warframe that have been consumed by the infested helminth which is nidus creation. So compare original nidus to nidus prime for abilities I feel like only nidus prime should get the new press to Hold abilities and some may argue with that decision making but its my opinion and de gets the final say but it would make sense with the lore. So out of all its abilitys we get spikes aka virulence to make it more with the infested theme if you "hold the ability" you also leave the toxic sludge along with your spikes that leave corrosive procs just like other infested leave behind. (same ability + corrosive procs) *requires helminth system unlocked* The next ability we get a ball of infested mass that grapples enemies aka Larva to make it more empowered with the ability of infested and still keeping with the infested theme if you "hold the ability" you can infect them with infestation turning downed enemies into spawn pods which hatch the enemies in infested friendly versions kind of like how nekros makes friendly units with shadows of the dead. (same ability + ally creation, possible weaker version of shadows of the dead) *requires helminth system unlocked* The next ability we get is parasitic link which attaches to either 1 enemy or 1 team member. To make it more empowered with the ability of infested when used on a team mate it has the original effect of of boosting power strength but you also gain the power of helminth and you get to use their helminth ability as long as you remain attached. Now when you use the ability on a enemy it still has the original effect of taking some of the damage nidus gets but the now become an ally that fights alongside you. (same ability + helminth power steal/ ally creation) *requires helminth system unlocked* The next ability we get is Ravenous to make it more empowered with the infested theme. It will still have the original effect but When the maggots help kill X amount of enemies then you will have a big spawn pod appear that will make a clone version of yourself which has all the powers of a regular nidus not an empowered nidus prime. (same ability + clone self) *requires helminth system unlocked* And since nidus needs a empowered infested themed passive the only thing I can think of is it having its own version of umbra sentient passive where he can fight by himself when you pop into operator mode. But will fight like a regular nidus without the empowered abilities. But if DE desires it to fight with empowered abilities that's up to them. (umbra sentient passive) *requires helminth system unlocked* And to keep this all fair all of the empowered versions of the ability work with nidus prime and is unlocked thru the helminth system...
  8. I was using the recommended build for nukor and it was nowhere near that powerful.
  9. Gonna have to say it that Kuva grattler feels underpowered compared to regular grattler that a 2% increase in status change and crit chance doesn't make up for the 50% over damage decrease.
  10. Gonna have to say it that Kuva grattler feels underpowered compared to regular grattler that a 2% increase in status change and crit chance doesn't make up for the 50% over damage decrease.
  11. Malicious Code should be the same range as out of sight only reasoning is because theirs 2 types of players one that's trying to get enimies ai to back off and 1 that's trying to freeze enimies AI. 50% chance is kinda understandable but still not as useful as 100% blind might as well make it 10sec instead of 8sec because of the 50%chance Or get rid of the 50% chance stupidity. Cause freezing enemy ai is way more. Useful than making them. Cower and hide behind structures for bullet protection.
  12. Invigorstions sounds good in theory but generally sounds like a waste because it's all temporary upgrades. Would be better if it was a permanent upgrade in the sense of it adds a micro permanent buff and a huge temporary buff. Then Invigorstions sounds good enough to waste resources on it. And a good micro permanent buff would be a automatic temporary buff would be applied when it's their week or something or like a micro version of the huge buff etc. But Litterally ability trash. Only good sounding one is the golden instinct and it's very niche. VORACIOUS Metastasis sounds cool but is most likely trash. Everything is is 100%trash nobody is going to use only use to test tk see if it's Good and notice it's trash and not use it.
  13. OK so what I got from this throw all. Your glaives in the trash. Throw kuva nukor in the trash. You no longer can use them as kuva nukor was already very weak and it was only good as a low level mod mass murder now it can't mass murder might as well use a explosive primary. Glaives now suck cause the only use was to use them On warframe from distance explosions which used to be good then it got nerfed to where it can't one shot steel path then it can't 1 shot level 70 enimies and now it can't 1 shot level 45 enimies and now they nerfed quick throw so now it can't 1 shot level 35 enimies. So just throw glaives in the trash unless you want a weird looking dagger that doesn't even get dagger bonuses. We are going to also be throwing alot of melee only mods in the trash hey we heard you like berserker and you won't use any other speed mod so we nerfed it so hard to where it's more viable to just used primed speed mod cause 24 secs is too long and so is 15sec so we are going to nerf it to 10 secs.
  14. Hopefully 20 pearls is enough to buy the new rifle skin.
  15. Which is why they need to buff crewmember liches to. Be that of equal or greater than regular crewmates.
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