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  1. I had an idea for the grattler since it's a granade launcher heavy weapon. Would be implosion granade. Kind of like how the Proboscis Cernos grabs enemies before explosion. And for the zarr I was thinking heat seeking shrapnel so that when the main explosion explodes it makes little grenades chase the enemies similar how the grineer latchers behave where they will chase the enemy and jump around till it latches on and explodes But need ideas for hek. If you feel like you have a better idea then the following feel free to leave your input.
  2. I'm hoping the kuva varient of the grattler will have +2 explosion radius and a lower damage drop off when reaching full radius about 10% and more bomblets so it can be more of an ad clear weapon than bramma is. Might need more damage output too so it can tank level 165 enemies. But I'm more wanting high damage for explosion than raw damage as grattler sounds like a spray and pray weapon. And having a high explosion range weapon for a heavy weapon sounds like how heavy weapons should behave plus if the grenier can make 1 arrow from a bow do that much explosion then hopefully a granade launcher
  3. You ever gonna fix liches for crew members and allow liches to equip any weapons and remove restrictions of weapons for crew members while also increasing on call time for crew members? Don't forget crew members and forward artillery.
  4. Sow isn't that great at filling the death well and that's pretty much all I can say about it. Best ability to get rid of for an helminth one. Gloom doesn't add anything to the death well iv had it active for the whole time during a mission killing enimies left and right no fill. Fix description or fix the ability to do what description states. The consume ability on shadow is very clunky meaning its too narrow and if I use it toward a group of 5 side by side it only consumes 1 enemy and the other 4 are still alive if it could hit more than just 1 enemy if they are stacked togeather
  5. Allow us to add helminth abilities to Sevagoth's shadow.
  6. Should make Sevagoth shadow have access to helminth abilities so we can add a helminth ability to shadow form. Also reduce energy cost of gloom. If he can't kill steel path might as well give him cheap gloom.
  7. Should make Sevagoth shadow have access to helminth abilities so we can add a helminth ability to shadow form.
  8. Should make Sevagoth shadow have access to helminth abilities so we can add a helminth ability to shadow form.
  9. I think sometimes drops are affected by your games pid (player identification number) some people get tons of 1 but not the other and visaversa
  10. Just needs more armor and health he dies so easy like nova. He needs to feel like Excalibur when it comes to tank. I think if he was like nidus it would be too strong.
  11. If they made it where you can get all 4 crew members relics instead of picking which one out of four options then void storms would be worth it imo.
  12. Agreed iv had so many mission complete and no reactant.
  13. I think if anything they are trying to cause seizures in people who aren't sezuire prone just testing the waters.
  14. Noticed that too! Omg!!! I thought I was going crazy!
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