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  1. Gauss still needs a bit of tuning I feel his 4's charge up from 0 to 100% really shouldn't take longer the higher duration you have, otherwise it takes years for it to actually hit 100% if you have really high duration, making it barely worth even trying to get there in the first place. I feel his 1 is fine, maybe a bit more damage would be nice, though I've really just used it for getting around like it probably should be used. His 2 really needs to have a small grace period in between taking a hit from a damage source where it doesn't deplete from being hit, because right now enemies like heavy gunners can just immediately deplete your entire battery in under half a second and make you just instantly die because all your damage reduction is suddenly gone. His 3 is really only good for the cold procs at the moment, since double casting will freeze them entirely, and if you're above redline a single cast will freeze instantly. I don't really see any use for the heat or blast procs at the moment since they don't really do enough damage to warrant using them at the moment. I'd suggest maybe the procs from it could do a percentage of the enemy's health? Pretty much all I can really think of at the moment.
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