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  1. Clearly I mean anyone who wasn't in your squad when the mission started, ie those who got publicly matched
  2. Why would it look like a person had no relic equipped it would just say 'RELIC' and that's all. I agree that it's only really a problem at these times. It's very hard if I just want to get void traces and run random relics for Baro to get a group that wants to do this, this is exactly what public matching should be for. But there is, just have 'RELIC' or 'NO RELIC' for people in mission that didn't join in your squad. There is no possible reason you would want to know what relic a pub matched player has before you open relics as literally the only thing you can do with that information is quit or stay. The current system actively promotes these 'fishers' a simple change of not showing relics affects no one except those wanting to do this and removes the problem completely
  3. So last night and this morning it's practically impossible to run a public fissure like Ukko with 4 on PSN, due to the large number of people quitting because they're not liking the relics they see others carrying, which then causes the remaining 2 or 3 to quit because why run a fissure with only 2 drops. These 'quitters' have an option to form a group, but from what I see it's no so much people with a Rad N16 quitting it's people 'fishing' with a random old intact relic, hoping to get matched with someone or a group carrying something nice, if not then quitting and trying again. The solution is simple, don't show relic or refinement for people not in your squad until end of run. Still show the relics of squad mates so people can do radshares etc, and showing people with no relic is probably fair (ish). There is no reasonable decision you can make in a public fissure mission based on what other people's relics are except quit or stay, which is the terrible behaviour that the current system is promoting.
  4. At rank 5 the new primary merciless says: On Kill: +30% damage for 4s. Stacks up to 12 times +30% reload speed +100% ammo How do the reload speed and ammo buffs work? Clearly they're described under 'On kill' but do you actually need a kill to activate them? if so do they ever run out? Also one of my frames got 5 'Jump resets' as a Helminth invigoration, anyone know what this is?
  5. Sevagoth and Helminth augment. Got Sevagoth invigoration (was power strength and something else), power strength shows up on Sevagoth, but not on the shadow... Bug or Design 'feature'?
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