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  1. This is literally everything I do not want. I especially don't want Firewalker to be duration based--I like it specifically because I can turn it on once and don't have to turn it off. If you're going to make it duration based, the base duration needs to be ridiculously long or it's just going to be annoying. About the only things I like are teleport not cancelling firewalker and the UI change on Warding Halo. Everything else is either no feelings or specifically don't do it. EDIT: What especially scares me is the change to Blazing Chakram's healing in conjunction with the Warding Halo change. If I'm going to use it as a heal, I want it to be instantaneous. It's an emergency tool. Having to pray I get the health orbs when the enemy dies before I do, especially if my sentinel is dead or I'm using a pet? Sounds absolutely terrifying. Also, Nezha is still a bit of a glass cannon even with 100% damage immunity with the Warding Halo, because he doesn't have high armor. Once the WH goes down, you have to get it up again fast or you die. This is going to make it a lot harder to work with him, especially with a shield reduction. If you want this to work, you have to make his healing far more reliable and far faster to go off.
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