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  1. 1: Really ........ 2: "160% x2 with heavy attacks + 2x combo" says it all really don't it sunshine. 3: once again it seems you fail to understand this was not a direct comparison to what weapon i had in my ranged it was a general mindset but i see that escaped your "eagle eye"
  2. Ofc some guns work better than others, ofc some setups work better than others against factions yada yada... show me a gun that is on par with melee.. you can't im guessing or i would already have it built and this post would not have been made. Fact remains no matter what setup you use melee will always be head and shoulders above ranged.. and that is limiting.
  3. Na guns in general mate not just one two etc.. the difference between melee and ranged is massive .. With at being said let me just say .. i like stabbing things.. i also like shooting things.. it would be nice if they were somewhat balanced so i could do both with the same degree of efficiency.
  4. I'm kinda at a loss for words over the narrow viewpoint being expressed here.. " oo he is having trouble against corpus.. oh he is using one type of ranged with one build one yada blah blah.. No i made a short vid to show the general jist of my gripe. The problem extends way past one type, build, enemy etc. If you can't see this as A: a fact and B: a problem then i have no words.
  5. love how peeps be gettin hung up on acceltra.. jeez i aint gonna make a 20 minute vid showcasing every damn 7-8 forma ranged weapon i got... think outside the box please and get what i'm trying to say here.. melee is vastly more powerful than ranged no matter what gun what mod setup or riven you got.
  6. The logic is the massive difference between melee and ranged.. i have yes more than just acceltra ofc i do im not a newbie i have every decent weapon in the game and all at endgame level but they all do the same thing versus melee.
  7. Why is this a thing .. it is like i am being forced to play melee.. 8 Forma Acceltra with a decent riven V 7 Forma Zaw scyth with a decent riven.. one would think they would perform somewhat the same no ?? Not even in the same ball park. takes a clip to down 2 corpus units using the acceltra ,while i just heavy attack and anything in range dies with the zaw.. balance .. ????? Video to back up my words. Can we have some guns that actually do a job DE .. i like melee but your just forcing me down a path. While i have the time to take out 100+ enemies with my acceltra .. sadly i do not have the bullets. I'm not one to usually post on forums about things but when i am forced to basically use 1 thing to get a job done in a game with over 400 weapons (and yes i know there are various other ways of killing these things, altho none as fast) then there is something wrong. And no i don't advocate a nerf to mellee .. bring up the other stuff to be on par, give us options is what i'm saying.
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