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  1. Overall I like Nightwave and I don't really mind that there's a 60 minute endurance challenge, but I don't like how there are two of them at the same time. Admittedly this week's weeklies are a bit short since even with the 60m survival I finished them all in ~3 hours, but I feel it really shouldn't ever double down on the most annoying challenge that most people will probably not want to do, since that just takes away two challenges instead of one if we don't want to do a 60m survival regardless of the total time commitment required for the weeklies this week. Edit: 3/5/2019 Incase it might give any ideas, this is how other games I've played over 2k hours in handled similar systems. GW2: Back when it had weeklies and monthlies... (Yes, that was back in ancient times) We'd have 20+ choices of challenges seperated into Daily/Weekly/Monthly split between PvE/PvP/WvW challenges and to get credit we only had to complete any 3 of our choice. There would be 15 options for Dailies (need 3), 6 for Weeklies (need 2), and 3 for Monthlies (need 1). This gives a lot of options to players while not overwhelming them. These on average would take longer than Warframe's ones to complete. PSO2: While PSO2 has MANY Daily/Weekly systems, the BINGO system on PSO2 is probably closest. In PSO2 each season we get a themed Bingo board that we fill out by proforming certain tasks: 24 challenges total to fill each board and as the board is filled the number of Bingos naturally increases. Its seperated into an Easy one that give practical rewards that help everyone especially newer players and a Hard one that's unlocked after that gives rewards more tailored to Veterans. Both boards are available throughout the entire Season so players are not put under much pressure to rush. Ironically even though PSO2 makes Warframe look like the most simple, casual, non-grindy game ever by comparison, the Bingo board is really easy to fill out relative to both Warframe and GW2s system.
  2. I may as well put it here incase no one reads Warframe Reddit/Tweets or watched the Prime Time. Seems like the Wolf's spawn rate is supposed to go up over the course of the WoSS storyline. Here's the quote: "Over the course of the Episodes the Wolf will appear more frequently." - Rebecca @12:00 in today's Prime Time (#238)  (To multiple people asking if the Wolf's spawn rate would increase on Twitter) "It Will" - Steve Sinclair
  3. I think I got him once in like ~50 missions, tried a dozen or so runs with groups and the rest were solo. His spawn rate is extremely low in my experience, I'm hoping DE either increases his spawn rate or give us some way to spawn/hunt him. On top of his rare spawn, he only has a 35% chance of dropping one of his weapon parts along with another RNG with the rarer parts being around 10% when he drops them... So farming all his parts seems impractical as is, since the rarer parts are only slightly more common than getting 'War' from Shadow Stalker and that took me two years to get.
  4. I feel I need to voice that I would not like to see anything like a cooldown put on Void Dash because of issues with Magus Revert. I legitimately do multiple void dashes within a second at times (like during today's Sortie to quickly fly around obstacles between interception points) and enjoy that freedom. I don't want another situation like the Bullet Jump change last year where I have to now awkwardly delay my movements and actions because a cooldown type mechanic got added whether by intention or glitch. If you don't know what I am talking about with bullet jump, last year it got modified so we need to be moving for ~125ms in a constant direction before we can bullet jump from a sprint, otherwise the crouch button will give the speed/momentum boost but not actually crouch or slide so no bullet jump, which has ruined many jumps for me since then and is very noticeable despite only being ~125ms and has been the single most infuriating bug for myself in the game.
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