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  1. Ailyene

    Arbitrations - one shots still a thing?

    I don't think the EE.Log is perfectly accurate in recording either damage or current HP at death, it seems to often default to recording the incoming damage as 1 and I've gotten weird numbers for current HP that should not be possible before. Its still good if you randomly die from nothing and need to make sure that you really did die from nothing though, which has been an issue in Arbitrations in the past. More often than not when people get oneshot in Arbitrations its from from underestimating the enemy in my experience. I.e. Even with Blessing a Toxic Ancient does enough damage to kill most non-tank frames anyways, and all enemy snipers can land both critical hits and headshots so they may do up to 4 times more damage than 'normal' for themselves.
  2. Ailyene

    Enemy scaling in orb fight.

    Imperator Vandal, with Chroma I can just pretty much wave it back and forth once across all its legs and have it down.
  3. Ailyene

    Enemy scaling in orb fight.

    I use Arca Plasmor and Catchmoon with Chroma but Inaros works too, just slower and safer. The reason for these guns is because they deal a massive number of extra multi-hits against the Profit-Taker and can be modded for 3 elements. Mine have no Rivens so there shouldn't be much of a difference. For melee, my weapon is a Plague Kripath that's ridiculously broken OP due to a Riven with the equivalent of P.Pressure Point, P.Fury, and Maiming Strike but I'd imagine spinning with Broken Bull and a Greatsword still does more damage than it at the loss of free Viral element and mobility. If its being a pain to catch its legs for me, I often land on its back and melee it from there which is an option if you can manage it too. Reinforcement Beacons are always top priority since: 1 Star: More Spawns 2 Stars: Embattor Bursas/Provisors/Overtakers/Snipers/ect. spawn 3 Stars: Jackals/Raknoids spawn, Spawn bias toward stronger mobs, Shield Drones provide nullifier bubbles to their allies. 4 Stars: Level Scaling starts, Comba/Scrambus spawn if available to region, Stronger bias toward spawning stronger mobs, Spawn rate increases further
  4. Ailyene

    Enemy scaling in orb fight.

    There's a way to prevent this: They only scale up in levels once you reach 4 star alert level, and if you destroy all the beacons all new spawns reset to the base level instantly and even if they bring the alert level back up to 4 again from 3 they have to scale up all over again from the beginning. It also takes them about 10 minutes to scale up to level 125 (basic)/136 (eximus) from level ~55 so you could also just kill the Orb faster; with min-maxed gear I can solo it in 4 minutes after it spawns so I'd imagine a group would have an easier time at that. Anyways, I hope that helps.
  5. Ailyene

    I don't understand shraksun over schwaak

    I don't know if others have this issue, but for me the Schwaak doesn't get nearly as many hits on the larger Eidolons making it generally worse for me. Also the Shwaak would often randomly stop doing any multi-hits at all on those for me as well. Other than those, the other reason is probably critical chance\critical damage, most of the damage comes from critical hits as an Eidolon's unusual dynamic damage reduction greatly reduces the damage of non-critical hits and criticals are also needed to take advantage of Volt's shield. (Shwaak has 30% critical, Shraksun 40%, and Propa 50%) On the Gantulyst I get 3~4 hits with Shraksun and 6~8 hits with Shwaak but it also tends toward only 2~3 Multi if not perfectly lined up. Shraksun with Fury: 236~705 - Punch-through Initial 159~237 - Punch-through Multi 1~4x (Teralyst Only) 315~1017 - Explosion 710(1x) - Non-Critical Damage 1959(1x) - Potential Maximum Critical Damage Shwaak with Fury: 263~664 - Initial Hit 172~227 - Punch-through Multi 2~7x 607(2x)~1376(7x) - Non-Critical Damage 1118(2x)~2253(7x) - Potential Maximum Critical Damage Propa with Fury: 522~1926 - Damage I am too lazy to calculate the average damage but they seem pretty close to me, just that Shraksun is more reliable for crits and easier to use.
  6. Ailyene

    Adaptation vs Steel Fiber

    Friendly reminder that Adaptation gives up to 90% '<Type> Resistance' not 90% 'Damage Reduction' and applied toward Warframe Shield/Flesh health types. An example is that Toxin starts out at -50% Resistance so with Adaptation at maximum stacks the Warframe has 40% Toxin Resistance, so its less effective against Slash/Toxin. Its total damage reduction is capped at 90% (under most situations) so its usually not possible to get 100% damage reduction (on its own) even if Flesh\Shield is naturally strong against a damage type (Impact\Puncture). My two cents is that Adaptation is somewhat situational and better against some (Corpus\Sentient) than others (Infested\Grineer). Usually better against single damage type attacks, Puncture (since Ferrite is so weak against this), and multi-hit attacks (shotguns). Also the mod has some bugs to take into account: It stops working if you die and it might have reduced effects against some damage types; like against Shields I noticed it only blocks 45% Impact damage instead of the expected 60% at 90% Impact Resistance. Whether its right for a frame and situation depends, others have already broken down those details better than me and I'm not really an expert with high end tanking since no in-game situation really ever calls for me to tank more than level 136 mobs. And those Overtakers and Snipers can only hit between 4~15k EHP at those levels.
  7. Ailyene

    Propa Scaffold, the new best?

    I didn't really like the Propa after trying it out, its kind of annoying to get the most out of it and it feels like it does less damage than the T2 scaffold. Against the Teralyst, Propa Scaffold did 522~1926 damage a shot. Virtuos Fury was used here for the sake of comparison and since its much easier to proc (spamming Void Dash); Virtuos Strike\Shadow seemed too difficult to use with it when I tried them so I'm not sure if those would be any more optimal, Propa also only has 2~3 shots\chances to take advantage of those buffs due to energy drain. Not sure if the new crit brace actually does anything right now, I wasn't feeling it at all. Also against the Teralyst, the T2 Scaffold did 159~315 x2~4 (punch-through) + 236~705 (explosion impact) + 315~1017 (explosion aoe). Virtuos Fury was used since it has seemingly 100% innate Impact Proc. So against the Teralyst the T2 seems to do more damage due to multi-hit punch-through and the explosion dealing two damage values but since it only does like 1~2 extra hit(s) on the larger Eidolons the Propa Scaffold damage is closer on those. But even on a per shot basis against those the T2 scaffold seems to do more damage if you add up the numbers. The only redeeming factor seems to be higher base crit but the lack of multi-hit makes it totally hit or miss. X2X Amp (Fury): 315 + 705 + 1017 = 2037 X7X Amp (Fury): 1926, or 2361 with Virtuos Strike, and 1449 Virtuos Shadow or without Arcane Anyways, this is just my opinion after trying both out for just a couple minutes and comparing them. Pretty sure I'm missing something obvious since I haven't hunted an Eidolon in a while, and they have some strange semi-scaling\dynamic defense I never understood.
  8. Ailyene

    Profit-Taker Orb - drop rate chance

    I can't speak for them but I know that I got it before maxing out Vox Solaris at least. All my runs were solo so there wasn't anyone else there either. I had gotten lucky and got it in the first 50 kills before I even knew it could drop from it, took me until my 123rd kill to get Critical Focus though... Feels like RNG has a desire sensor sometimes.
  9. Ailyene

    Profit Taker Stacking pylons

    Yeah, I've encountered this Corpus adaption of Combat Formation Bravo as well. When they stack up, their shields overlap and protect each other making it more difficult to destroy either. Also when the bottom pylon is destroyed the top one remains floating in mid-air leaving it much more difficult to attack still. Another instance of it, also at the same location: This appears to be the result of both pylons being fired in the same trajectory. While both of these pictures show it on the same location on the mountain, I've seen it happen on the building nearby, also at this Profit Taker spawn location, too.
  10. Ailyene

    How good is mirage?

    Oh, looks like it was just removed by user "Fragile Codes" on October 30th this year. The line "Damage bonus or resistance is determined by environmental lighting at Mirage's current position." was part of the article ever since it was created by "USouLz" on October 11, 2014 until then. And yeah, its understandable to have doubts and no offense is taken. I wholeheartedly support retesting Eclipse and think skepticism is healthy. If you just have like 5 minutes though, that's just about all it takes to load up Warframe and see the numbers are nowhere near what they say they are and change depending on where you stand. Edit: Anyways, it looks like another wiki user just reverted the other user's change so its back in the Warframe Wiki page again. If you want a post specifically from Reddit on the issue back from 2016: Edit 2: There are actually an enormous number of threads on this in the forums here its just that they get archived so they don't show up in normal searches anymore like these: Also a bunch of people not knowing that it scales to lighting and reporting it as a bug:
  11. Ailyene

    How good is mirage?

    Well, here's the numbers I recorded from poking a turret in PoE last year. Its not like its new information that it scales to lighting\darkness since its been on the wiki page on it for years now. Edit: I couldn't find all the numbers I wrote down for damage reduction but the numbers I found should still be enough to show that its not a static 95%
  12. Ailyene

    Thanks for making Profit-Taker soloable.

    Yeah, I'm thankful for that too. My PC is too potato to run OV well in a squad so I am pretty much forced to solo if I want to load into OV in decent time. But it also lets me take my time and enjoy the encounter at my own pace without feeling rushed by others or worrying that I am pushing the encounter too fast for less geared players.
  13. Ailyene

    How good is mirage?

    This is a common misunderstanding unless they recently changed her. The Dark buff of Eclipse is both scaled and capped by the level of shadow she is standing in, this means it usually requires far more than just an intensify to achieve 95% reduction (if its even possible in the shadow she is standing in) and in most shadows she is capped at a far lower number, possibly as low as 5% reduction. As it always displays '95%' reduction the only way to find the actual damage reduction would be to actually get hit and calculate it based on the damage taken, which is made even more impractical with how wildly it changes with even a few steps. Similar mechanics apply to her Light Eclipse buff, it is scaled to light levels and was very difficult to get it past even 1/3 its displayed value in my tests. The most extreme disparity between displayed and actual buff was in PoE at night where a 746% displayed damage bonus only gave a 26% actual bonus.
  14. Ailyene


    I had tested out Mirage a while ago and I feel that at minimum it should tell us what percentage of buff we are actually getting from her. Like for a bit more than half the time in the Plains her Damage Buff Eclipse for me displays a 746% bonus but gives a 26% actual bonus. Scaling for it is debatable too, as its almost impossible to get it to even 1/3 the displayed buff outside of an open world map or Simulacrum. Her Damage Reduction Eclipse Buff is even worse, while its actually possible to get to 95% damage reduction in some shadows, most shadows cap her damage reduction at much lower numbers (this is irregardless to power strength). The lowest I've recorded the reduction cap to was a mere 5% reduction while still displaying the damage reduction as 95%.
  15. Yeah, I feel like a similar system to this is used in Raid\Endgame content in most other games I've played too. I'd get a chance of the drop from the dungeon\boss clear as well as some other method that works toward the drop I want; for example in a raid from another game, even if I didn't get what I was looking for, I'd get raid currency that I could slowly save up to buy the desired item directly if I failed to get it like 100x times. That way I'd always make progress regardless of how unlucky I was with RNG. Here after soloing Profit Taker 100x times I am no closer to getting Critical Focus than I was at 0 clears... Phase 4 reward count: Neo S9 x 10 Ammo Chain x 15 Gyromag System x 43 Atmo System x 10 Axi R2 x 9 Repeller System x 13 Critical Focus x 0 Strain Consume x 0 Total: 100