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  1. I feel I need to voice that I would not like to see anything like a cooldown put on Void Dash because of issues with Magus Revert. I legitimately do multiple void dashes within a second at times (like during today's Sortie to quickly fly around obstacles between interception points) and enjoy that freedom. I don't want another situation like the Bullet Jump change last year where I have to now awkwardly delay my movements and actions because a cooldown type mechanic got added whether by intention or glitch. If you don't know what I am talking about with bullet jump, last year it got modified so we need to be moving for ~125ms in a constant direction before we can bullet jump from a sprint, otherwise the crouch button will give the speed/momentum boost but not actually crouch or slide so no bullet jump, which has ruined many jumps for me since then and is very noticeable despite only being ~125ms and has been the single most infuriating bug for myself in the game.
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