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  1. These changes are looking very interesting, and as a Saryn main, they've got me quite excited, but also a bit worried. I'm liking all the changes, except for one detail, the Spore now being corrosive rather than Viral. Ask any Saryn player and they'll say the same, it's not a good change. first off, it doesn't make much sense thematically that disease spores are corroding away armor, but secondly and most importantly, Viral is a great element for spores as it debuffs the enemies and fills out a niche that I don't see in any other warframe, halving HP is incredibly useful in long survivals, add to that, that Viral is a universally useful element unlike corrosive as corrosive only has a use against Grineer. DE, I love the changes, but I am rather worried about that one detail. That is all. Anyway, thanks for your tireless work, and your perseverance even when the work can be a little thankless here on the forums.
  2. Because sometimes all you need to light up the road is a friend. So lonely has Hydroid been, but no more.
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