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  1. ahhh now this is the kind of pvp we really need in warframe......12 vs 12 Bring on the dedicated servers DE :D
  2. ahh ok hope your right...ill have to try log out next time first. hahaha by the time i logged out i forgot what the bonus was
  3. I think this keeps popping up after I have finished a mission then quit the game, I dont think it pops up if i just log in and dont play before ending game. I dont know if this has been mentioned anywhere already or if its just a bug after U14. It says: Quit game: You will keep porogress but forfeit completion rewards and bonuses. Are you sure you want to quit game?
  4. yeah was gonna say i must have a thunder spare OP can have for free
  5. hmm ok that sounds promising....i just don't wanna risk playing if im gonna keep losing stuff at the end of every mission. ok thanks for your reply LOL Phantasm i think ill actually go back to sleep :P
  6. So I was just wondering if DE has managed to get back the stability of warframe yet? Has the ddos attack stopped now or what? Seeings as no one seems to be taking any interest in the official post about this?
  7. any word on compensating people with 90 day boosters yet? Also i dont really wanna play till this is resolved coz i dont like losing all my rewards after a mission
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