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  1. It has been a week since the mainline update so I feel that I can comment now. I appreciate all the hard work from the dev team on the new content and mechanics. DE continues to put in significant effort to improve and maintain this amazing game that I love playing so much. However, my play experience has been negatively impacted as a result of the changes to the Melee system. I'm disappointed that the controller issues for Steam players has not been resolved yet. The day before the update I received a platinum discount upon login and bought platinum which I used to purchase all four 30 day boosters in anticipation of the new Warframe, weapons and community events. I bought Hildryn with plat and paid to rush the Tatsu. I was so excited to do the new event. Then I actually loaded into a mission and discovered I couldn't melee attack at all with my controller. I spent at least an hour reading all the comments on the patch notes hoping someone would have a workaround or solution. Then I spent a bunch of time resetting controls to default and resetting Steam Controller profiles and any other thing I could think of to no avail. *sigh* So I just played without melee. It was weird. I didn't like having to shoot boxes all the time to open them. I really missed being able to quick attack boxes to open them. I really missed being able to deploy my Zenistar disc. I was looking forward to being able to throw out the disc and then instantly resume firing my Primary or Secondary weapon. Playing without melee just wasn't as satisfying. So I got about halfway through the Thermia Fracture event and stopped playing. Does this mean I'm giving up on Warframe? Of course not. Will I play as much as I was planning to? No, I probably won't play that much until the controller issues are resolved. This comment is not intended to criticize merely to report my subjective experience. I'm sure there are many players out there who are absolutely loving the new Warframe experience. I'm just disappointed I am not among their numbers. That's all.
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