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  1. Will this finally upload my clan emblem? I've waited for a lot of weeks
  2. A couple of weeks ago, I uploaded my first clan emblem (which was completely drawn by an artist, so I know it is not copyrighted. But I haven't seen it applied, nor have I received any notification if it was or wasn't approved. How long it usually takes?
  3. Yeah, members must be new players in need of guidance... But I am not recruiting, I wanna join an alliance
  4. Does this upload my clan emblem? Been waiting a couple of weeks :(
  5. Unrelated question... When approximately can I expect my clan emblem to be in-game? Ty in advance ❤
  6. Hey, does this also include new clan emblems? I really wanna see mine in-game
  7. I am trying to join the Alliance, how can I do so? The link to the group is broken, says I cannot see it
  8. Hi, me an my clan would like to join a big alliance to increase our numbers by joining other clans under a common banner. If you have an alliance or know the leader of one pls let us know so we can join theirs :) ty
  9. I did, but so far no answer. Do you know someone I could PM about it?
  10. Hi, I am the leader of a small clan. I used to play with my friends, but they have all moved on sadly and I'm all alone apart from a couple of new players that needed guidance and dojo items. Since I've built my dojo mostly on my own I really would hate to have to delete my clan and lose everything i've built. So I'd love to join an alliance... Mainly to have other people to talk/play with without having to leave my clan and join another, more populated, one and to wear the alliance emblem I bought years ago and never used. lmao... So if a small and active clan can join your alliance, let me k
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