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  1. By the way, you can obtain the Sheev from invasions now, they're just rarer than other Vandal or Wraith weapons :p I'm not sure about weapons since people want mastery to progress, and we still have debates about missing mastery points from Excalibur Prime (personally, I don't care enough about mastery :v) P.S. No problem, making the topic easier on the eyes would help the discussion flow :p
  2. ^ Here you go, OP. I made some fixes and tidied up the whole topic for better reading, hope this helps :) As for me, I don't think exclusives would be good for collecting games like Warframe (although I agree that you shouldn't touch Excalibur Prime, that's quite a sum amount of money during a time where Warframe could fail) but it is true that exclusives give a sense of achievement. Maybe make them solely for appearance, like special badges or syandanas in events?
  3. I assume it's because of the fact that the Sentients subverts technology: as strong as the Dax were, they are cybernetically enhanced people. The Sentients being weak to the Void is one of the biggest reason the Orokin requires us, who can harness the power of the Void :v
  4. A Simaris-sold precept would be nice: it could replace Helios' default Investigator Precept, giving players an option without sacrificing a mod slot. Think of it as a Simaris upgrade - FOR SCIENCE!
  5. Killing while channeling melee dissolves corpses. However, we need to find a way to do the same with our ranged weapons (I think Fire proc hide bodies too?) I agree.
  6. Been hearing a lot of Indie in my preparation for final exam. What is a Chroma Pack? Chroma as in Colour? Chroma the dragon?
  7. Ah, smell that salt: just another ordinary day in the trade channel. But yeah, the best tip I can give you is to not to expect too high for people's kindness in the trade chat, especially those who baits you with "PM OFFERZ"
  8. Same thing happened to me, not sure if I want to do anymore Arena runs XD Ah, well, at least these augment mods are awesome :P
  9. Yep, I believe we had the same problem. I don't think you need screenshots for that, but it might help sped up the process. As for me, I have that crappy looking gif you see in the first post and the original video of it. I'll try to post it under events and maybe bugs, but I won't hope much when it comes to Support doing anything. I wish you luck in your conquest for Support as well :)
  10. Oh man, you too? Was the unit not even registering damage (as in, not numbers floating around their faces when they get hit?) ? I wonder if we can contact support for this, though maybe you can try again (I missed the alert because I had to abort it and then a lot of workstuffs caught up to me XP)
  11. I can only imagine the eye surgery you have to go through after that XP I managed to solo it, but unfortunately you'd have to settle for pictures :)
  12. I think the last one is today: Forma alert. Haven't tried it, though.
  13. That explains why he's rather estatic to stand juuust at the edge of the mines, where he can get away by moving one step but refusing to do so anyway XD
  14. The biggest problem is that the Cold proc also affects Darvo, and he really doesn't want to move when the mines start stacking below him XD Overall, a fun mission; I look forward to more cheese in the next alert.
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