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  1. And again... doing profit taker and the archgun deployer glitches out... couldn't deploy my imperator vandal at all.... there wasn't even a timer...
  2. Same here, opened at ticket and the best they could come out with was "use another mouse", yea I bought a Logitech G502 just to go back to a S#&$ty mouse... Best solution so far for me is playing in borderless mode, that way it never glitches.
  3. What the title say, fix the weapons swaping when you have an archgun deployed, I usually have to press F several times and even then it doesn't work or I have to press the archgun deployer in gear which sometimes ends in a reset of the timer. Oh and you could make the deployer faster, I'm tired of getting killed while waiting for the archgun to deploy and well remove the timer as well on the fight.
  4. As for this closed thread: Im having this glitch and seems it hasn't been fixed yet. After alt tabbing in full screen mouse sensitivity goes to 0. Please DE fix it asap.
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