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  1. Wakes up and is a bit snoozy, still holding the kavat in a tight grip

    .. where did the beach go? .. What happened?

    5 minutes ago, seprent said:

    who wants some cute too late you get no imput 

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    I can tell you, i have been searching for the last one.

  2. 21 minutes ago, seprent said:

    i could give her the birdy and focus on you i had some stimulating ideas for you little nova

    Im too tired at the moment, maybe another time.

  3. 10 minutes ago, seprent said:

    had i known you were on the ship earlier i would have loved to play cat and mouse with you little one~

    That be quite the chase in my panicked state.

    Pets the kavat, which miauws for its bird

    No my little one, you cannot have birdy right now.

  4. Got to shove a second Umbra forma on myself :3

    13 minutes ago, seprent said:

    the valkyr looks at you

    hmm i remember you too sweetie~

    Oh blushes slightly

    9 minutes ago, seprent said:

    your a good kat bed birdy 

    My Kavat agrees on that statement.

  5. 5 minutes ago, seprent said:

    you are pounced on from behind as the chains just let you go your flipped to be pinned under a larger similar hybridization as harrow valkyr

    To say hello~ 

    Whats this now??

    23 minutes ago, Sergent-Qc said:

    Give me a chance please .... I'm on page 11269 !!!

    A bit late id say, or rather quite late.

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    And then we all died.

    Oh right, so how's your fainting spell doing for you?

    The End.

    What spell, last time i checked i wasnt a magician.

  7. 5 minutes ago, (PS4)Tomplexthis said:

    ah, like me, i feel hollow and dead inside, merely existing until i lose my mom, and then i will end my life.

    i have nothing else but warframe, time passes by us so damn fast before we even understand it... and even then, we never get to, before it is over

    we grow old too fast, life moves to fast, we spend most of it in school, then the rest at a dead end job, doing and going nowhere

    Literally only 1 place we feel a modicum of freedom is on forums, or in video games

    that freedom, if jeopardized angers us, and so we lash out in anguish at the devs and each other. it really sucks how miserable life can get

    but at least Tenno skoom have each other =[

    i feel really low right now... reality and the truth of it just sucks, we never have had any freedom, and are always enslaved to the government and dollar bills. 

    Its hard for it to make sense and will take some for it to ever do. Its important to find something you enjoy, both with your free time and with your job, it will help with how life feels. Freedom is a bit subjective, at one point you are free to do many things and on the other point there are expectations you are required to do (which varies depending on where you live).

    Though i can recommend to seek help from others, as standing with it yourself is a immense task. Someone to talk to about it, allow yourself to release your feelings and get it sorted. A psychiatrist or a psychologist maybe.

  8. 35 minutes ago, seprent said:

    you are in a small entertainment room stuff dax and maybe young tenno use to entertain themselves between teachings or free time as the harrow begins pacing

    as it is to myself and i subject myself to it i won't deny is unusual i cant pass by anything reflective and catching looks at myself and have that passing thought but some people put themselves though these things for reasons. While mine aren't entirely my own sharing a head space between wally, the kuva, the void, and the sentient im rather surprised my sanity is still here and allowing me clarity for these moments i was half expecting you and the others to be hunting me down like some abomination of a mad man because i'm pretty sure whatever balance that sentient we called a mother falsely stood for is being disrupted pretty damn heavily with my actions. i'm fully aware of my actions and i've come to accept what i am or what some would label me but i have a void to fill and i'm nowhere near satisfied or content.

    Sits down again looking at you

    i've lost the ability to step out of this so i've come to the conclusion this is me now so if you would wish to leave i will show you the exit we're hanging is high orbit over earth i hear the beach is nice this time of year.

    C-cant be worse than .. than that .. crabdroid thing. Besides you are not out of control.

    W-what are you going to do now?

    13 minutes ago, seprent said:

    im going to lay down i have experiments to plan in the morning talva will light up the floor and guide you to a lander to leave should you like one 

    Remains sitting in the corner, albeit a bit more relaxed than before

  9. 13 minutes ago, seprent said:

    And none of that aimed at you while i can understand your distress i feel you may be letting it run your mind then advise it. The most my experiments have derived from others is bird is literally covered in feathers and maybe a touch more clingy. To jump started a mutation that was already present in saryn and make her shed abit the more drastic results have been on myself inflicted by myself i would not ask or do something to someone i would not do myself 

    Stands up bonking the ceiling rubbing head

    Ow forgot this room is a touch small 

    N-no, b-bu b-but still creeps me out .. t-this is highly u-unusual for me

    Carefully observes while trying to be as small as possible

  10. 29 minutes ago, seprent said:

    Nova if i wished or intended harm upon you i would have well done it by now what has you distressed?

    sits down a good distance from you 

    The kuva experiments .. sentients .. weird things

  11. 1 hour ago, seprent said:

    hmm your awake lets rerun current events 

    • Got stuck in a frozen locker by the bird 
    • i bought you to get you out of the locker
    • you got really angry and risked overheating 
    • brought you to my ship to attempt being an adult 
    • you had freak out trying to hide in my ship and get out 
    • Talva then collared and shocked you gently to get you to faint 
    • Sayrn got talva a body so she may be abit less spooky 
    • sayrn wanted to bring you to her ship but i thought to keep you just to be sure you recovered ok
    • you woke up and are wondering current events 

    So how you feeling?

    Sits completely still for a moment before backing into a corner

    I-in d-distress

  12. 9 minutes ago, angias said:

    Do you want help?

    I know you need help but do you want it?

    Must hide, must get away

    8 minutes ago, seprent said:

    Talva shall warn the tenno attempting to leave the room will result be Talva being allowed to detain the tenno also hiding from me will not work Talva can see everyone 

    the moment you cross the threshold into the next room a collar is shot at you and energy chained to the floor doing a constant mild electrical shock

    Ignores and continues before getting restrained

    Struggles violently to get free before fainting

  13. 3 minutes ago, seprent said:

    Talva is unsure how to calm this one down her paranoia may trigger further health problems maybe a shock could calm her down or atleast snap her out of it 

    Talva gives nova a light zap from a turned down amprex in the wall 

    Excuse me panicking tenno may i ask you calm down your harming yourself more any of us would have 

    Freezes completely still for a moment, before resuming

    Flees into next room

    3 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    How about we wormhole back to your ship?

    No reveals, must hide

  14. 2 minutes ago, seprent said:

    Cephalon talva would ask the tenno to get out of there actually talva will make you 

    the whole room shifts shaking nova out and caught by a conculyst who returns you to the block next to bird 

    Now stay put and talva will give the tenno a treat for being good 

    Freaks out and seeks a new hiding place

    8 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    So, we're all good?

    Hugs Nova

    Thank you.

    Nova, want some good stuff?

    In full panic mode to focus on anything

  15. 5 minutes ago, seprent said:

    Cephalon Talva suggest the small speedy nova should return to her ice block had the priest wanted to harm you he would have done so by now he is doing as he claims "being an adult" besides your core temperature is still far above normal moving around will not help your case 

    Ignores the message and crawls inside a crack in the ceiling

  16. 8 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    Is stunlocked

    What if I said I'm sorry?

    Not before you had your 10 seconds of electrotherapy

    10 seconds later it goes poof

    There, better.

    6 minutes ago, seprent said:

    carries you both into the ship sitting bird on a chair and nova on a block of ice

    ow mild zapping i've done worse to myself 

    look both of your over 

    bird relax nova calm down

    Realises where im going

    Oh uh, im not supposed to be here

    Zips all over the place seeking for exits

  17. 4 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:


    Tumbles into portal and crumples in front of Nova

    Throws active Nervos at you

    7 minutes ago, seprent said:

    hmm i see 

    puts a block of ice to your forhead

    even extreme heat is bad for you maybe worse then cold since that could cook you breath relax 

    picks you up and continues walking

    Talva could you set up the test dummies we may have a guess that may need to vent anger 

    Take your hands of me!

    Starts kicking erraticly

  18. 2 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    Oh no. Well, no refunds, Seprent/

    Flies away

    Oh no you dont

    Fires a birdy seeking orb through a portal, that explodes on your back

    1 minute ago, seprent said:

    sits up

    i expected the outburst 

    looks at angry smol nova standing up

    hello are you cold? 

    You can feel a slight burning aura fueled by anger

  19. 2 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    Well, can't do anything with that.

    Sure, for 350 plat!

    Locker explodes and reveals one VERY angry lady

    Little birdy, i have a feather to pluck with you!

  20. Either way, Wally gets what it wants, kuva inside. Maybe its just silently watching you and your void usage or it doesnt want to be found at the moment.

    Infested eats by absorbing i suppose and can thereby "taste" too. What you do, i dont know. Maybe in a similar way, just with your own twist.


  21. 2 minutes ago, seprent said:

    now im the same body shape just larger maybe abit wider i have to slouch or duck in some parts of the orbiter why i prefer my new ship dont have to duck. as for the mouth part this is where me and my big mouth saying would come into effect. As i continued my experiments its becoming harder to step out of harrow and i've noticed a few niche mutations one of them is a mouth hidden if i keep it shut but cant even notice it i can bite now rather pointy teeth can kinda taste things i think something somewhere is mixing where harrow ends and i begin. Maybe plugging temple kuva into myself was a bad idea or the sentient core and bone grafting eh saylavee on the pluss side i can swing war around like its a dagger and one hand my rifle 

    So somewhat buff Harrow with lots of strenght, but i assume your movement got a bit slower too and more defined.

    Now as long you dont go around and require to taste someone else like the Golem, though it kinda creeps me out.

    You will have to talk with Wally about kuva, as that being wants us to ingest kuva, for whatever unknown motive.

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