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  1. I hate bosses hidden on a key wall. and all 3 the mutalist Alad V is the worst key to make. more than a week and I only killed him once and only because two other friends give me ther nav to make the key. put the navs as drop from crates in Eris and every body is happy!
  2. Ember speed increased to 1.15 yes! she need it to cover more area with WoF. Ember Prime bonus: In my opinion 15% of power strength is better. 1 - your fire ball sounds good. 2 - the stun need to be of 3 seconds and affected by duration, and I prefer accelerate over teleport! (or the old overheat). ember needs stun over anything else because she is soooo squish. stuns helps a lot with survivability. 3 - fire blast... I don't like that skill at all... maybe because right now it is very under-powered... the damage of it is insignificant and you need to cast at last 5 times or
  3. 3 day and I have only one mutalist nav cood... we need the requeriment of mutalist nav to be 1!
  4. 3 days have passed and I only have one mutalist nav cood... agreed, 1 nav requeriment is a must have
  5. on the question 12:49 min. about default body, you guys misunderstood. he want to use the default body non-prime in a prime warframe, just like we can use the non-prime helmet on primes.
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