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  1. You are trolling right? You know that the Lich is not able to kill most of players that go for him? This mean that Lich will constantly stay on lvl 1 or 2.. this idea is dumb af. You have Lich trades now, do u know that? OMG.. are you serious? Do you even use forma in this game? Did you try to do some invasion or nightwave challebges?? Yes? Oh, and YOU REALLY want to stay fk 30min in defense mission instead of 10min, becouse.. you want to kill.. if u even try to think for a sec you will use certain warframes for certain mission type, its really not so hard! Just use your brain.. You know that u can just rool when you in rift, right?.. and Volt speed is intrusive for you?.. omg you must be a troll. Maybe just ask the devs to lead you by the hand for whole game? No please just don't read his message, he is troll.
  2. They don't even show stats of new CO and all people are just crying.. and i'm sure that more than half of this people cant stay in arbi survival more than 20min.. and they need for that CO... xDD Whaat? WHY? Blood Rush will work same, but with different stats AND Body Cound, Drifting Contact will stay SAME..
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