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  1. spyroxion

    After 70 days in warframe..

    Well about patches you keep on comparing to Dota 2, that is really bad comparison because, I don't know if you know it, but DE is a small team, they don't have tons of staff working on 10 000 things at the same time therefore it takes longer for them to release polished continent. And I think Dota 2 earns more money for devs to get updates out faster.
  2. spyroxion

    After 70 days in warframe..

    In 70 days you reached all of that? How many hours a day do you play?? I think you should try and get some fun, chill with friends and not tryhard that much. There is no point in rushing THAT hard in WF. While yes, bugs do need to be fixed, but to release content to match your nolifing grind style is not possible. You should watch latest devstream and you will see what is planned out for 2019 content wise.
  3. spyroxion

    Bug or Feature? Either way...

    So if you admit you're not that good at the game why do you try to do all 3 Eidalons with random people? Get down to Earth and go hunt singke Teralyst if you can't recruit party for 3 Eidalons. For loosing rewards - it is fair as it is now and if you can't handle one lose it's your fault for being overconfident and salty afterwads. Have you played any other mmo games before? Especially mmorpgs with over the top strong world / raid bosses and tried to take them down before any tutorial video would appear? Hours and hours and hours of trial and error and 12-24 people raids just getting wiped and then you call it a day at certain point and you end up with nothing. But it's okay, we learned something, we had some fun, we had frustrating moments when we were really close to beating it but ended up getting wiped. So what? You lost and you get nothing, get stronger and come back later. And you don't need to spend insane amount of hours a week of grinding to take down a boss. Play at your own pace, don't rush things and don't get salty if you can't beat something you're not ready for.
  4. spyroxion

    Make Mesa Ultimate interesting

    > Wants to keep her strong > Add ammo and make her miss > Make crosshair smaller Sorry these 3 things doesn't sound all that good together because your suggestion is mainly blant nerf. And I would say no to the part where auto aim would be taken away. That is one of the key things why I pick her over any other frame when I go to the fields - to snipe enemies down when I don't see them hidden (especially in PoE where enemies are hidden in the grass)
  5. Can't say nothing about chat ban, but about being logged out from forums I also have it from time to time. I would log in in website but in forums I would be logged out (same on phone and PC) and it would last an hour or so until I would be able to properly log in. So I think it's some general bug.
  6. spyroxion

    Falling Victim to the same mistakes

    Why are people complaining so much lately? And it's all about how dissappointing blah or bleh is. Like cmon guys enough is enough... Funny thing is it's either people who played for months like 5hrs a day every day, or people with 3-7k hrs of playtime. I mean if game kept you SO LONG - don't complain, maybe you just had enough of the game? Or people complain how there's nothing to do (mind you couple of thousand of hours playtime), but at the same time complain how they can't go and kill latest boss addition of day 1 of patch *cough* Profit taker *cough*. But then 1 day later youtube's full of video people solo'ing and people complaining about its rewards on forums. Is it like a new meta in forums to find new way of complaining every day or something?
  7. spyroxion

    Rival to Warframe?

    Is it even possible to go lower for EA than they are now?
  8. spyroxion

    Nitain Extract

    Don't have wife or girlfriend. Wouldn't trust to even best friend. When you start trusting people then you see forum posts like "my account got hacked". I play mmo games for over 11 years and I never got "hacked" for a reason. Well there are plenty of other ways to know about alerts. When I'm in game I'm always in missions and no way I can read region chat. You also get alerts with drops during missions and you can always check alerts at Navigation while on so not reading chat doesn't make me at fault of not owning nitains. Also I came here to ask if there isn't any other way to get them besides what I was able to research and I got my answer, I didn't come to cry. And I got my answers.
  9. spyroxion

    Rival to Warframe?

    Pre-ordered EA game... That's why we can' t have nice things - people still throw money before game is even released at companies that don't care about players, that sees players as money bags and just milks as much as can...
  10. spyroxion

    Nitain Extract

    Eh I get it, if you are normal working person with your priorities set right you are kinda fked.... Sad to find things like this in gamr that either forces you to log in when you can't / don't want to or you will have extreme difficulties with no bypass... I wish there would be at least some guaranteed way to get at least 1 a day no matter when you play (like anything else in this game)
  11. spyroxion

    Nitain Extract

    I don't look at region chat, it's insanity in there and pretty much impossible to keep up with what people are typing. Well what to be so surprised about? There are SO MANY things to build in this game that it's not so hard to not bump into some rare material item. You know, I wish I could try my best, but if alert doesn't pop up after my working hours what can I do? Like that's the point - you can't really do much about if you're playing healthy gaming hours (admit it, playing more than 3 hours every day is a bit unhealthy), there is no way to farm, to buy or anything. besides caches from void sabotage but even that is like what? 1% or something? Another person talks about buying them, how and where can you buy them?? I wasn't able to find
  12. spyroxion

    Nitain Extract

    Yeah I said before that I only play at fixed hours because of work and quite often I don't see any alerts for nitain for days. And what do you mean platinum? Where can you get it for plat? I've typed in market search and nothing. I would glady farm plat and just flat out buy nitains. "common knowledge", well excuse me that up until MR13 I didn't bump into building something that needs Nitains in quantity, it is my first real encounter that needs more than 1 so how can I have this "common knowledge" if it's not said ANYWHERE in the game that this specific material is pain to get and you will need it? I don't check what materials I need because I'm stocked with most of materials and worst case scenario I need couple of runs somewhere to reach needed amount. I wish it would help, but I can't play from work and when I'm at home I check the notifications at all times.
  13. You see, it's easy to say "you don't want to pvp? don't do it". I never did PvP in other MMOs I played but then you enter forums - toxicity beyond belief, grief towards certain equipment (even if you don't pvp and someone sees you with certain equip that is unfair in pvp you might get salt for no reason), in-game chats gets filled up with toxicity and general behavior of players changes all over the board. It's just sad truth when it comes to online games and players. And it's why I love warframe - there is no this kind of toxicity, yeah there is complains and some toxicity here and there, but it's not the one that stems from PvP
  14. spyroxion

    Nitain Extract

    Yeah but I am at work right now, that's the problem. I always play at fixed hours. That's why I also disabled notification of warframe app because I don't want to see Nitain alerts when I'm at work or I'll get sad about it... Yeah and it makes things way way way worse... If I knew about it when I started the game I would have farmed them but hey, back then I thought it's just another material that I'll be able to farm somewhere on the star chart, HA.
  15. And that is why PvP is not welcome in this game. PvP in games just brings toxicity (that's why I quit LoL a while ago) and ruins the community. What he said to you haven't seen for about 2 years (time since I stopped playing online games with competitive PvP) and I don't want to see it...