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  1. What WF can learn from Anthem? How to sell 20$ skins that changes almost nothing besides colors mainly in a 60$ buy 2 play game 😄
  2. You see, it's easy to say "you don't want to pvp? don't do it". I never did PvP in other MMOs I played but then you enter forums - toxicity beyond belief, grief towards certain equipment (even if you don't pvp and someone sees you with certain equip that is unfair in pvp you might get salt for no reason), in-game chats gets filled up with toxicity and general behavior of players changes all over the board. It's just sad truth when it comes to online games and players. And it's why I love warframe - there is no this kind of toxicity, yeah there is complains and some toxicity here and there
  3. And that is why PvP is not welcome in this game. PvP in games just brings toxicity (that's why I quit LoL a while ago) and ruins the community. What he said to you haven't seen for about 2 years (time since I stopped playing online games with competitive PvP) and I don't want to see it...
  4. Well for me it's nice primed mods. I actually needed Primed Target Cracker. There's also Primed Fever Strike which I already have but it's nice for those who doesn't have it. Guys, don't forget that not everyone here has everything built, lvl'ed up, farmed and done. I love Baro. Every time I pick up some more Primed mods that I need.
  5. Why do people keep on making and making new topics about this? I think DE got the point that we don't like PA accessories (although I saw some people here and there who will buy them because they like them). Was it bad move from DE? I think yes if you compare it to some other PA bundles in the past (I bought full PA once, Zephyr prime, because of full Operator outfit, this time I will not do it because I don't like it). But why such over dramatic fuss about it with 10s of new topics every day about it? I would understand the outrage if it was only one bundle and would be tied to Mesa pri
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