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  1. So big update, Baruuk and Mesa Prime in one day? I need to take a day or two off at my work ghee 😄 Very well done DE!
  2. Was looking for this info! Thanks! Just they could do it a bit earlier in their time zone, EU players has to wait bit longer...
  3. In every other online game people complaining about p2w aspects meanwhile in Warframe people complaining about cosmetics that has no impact to the game whatsoever (that comes in a pack together with 4 other accessories + with plat and boosters that alone makes up for moneys value). And so many people here talk as if they are paying 50$ only for the helmet. Yeah maybe this PA accessories are not ideal and can for sure use some criticism and improvement but also people seems like to be quite greedy. Don't be like Grinch at the Christmas time!
  4. My reaction to reading this post for first time: I think DE missed good opportunity to make great income for themselves during holiday season if they would have made accessory pack better considering how darn awesome Mesa Prime looks
  5. Yessss, THIS. Make it endo (maybe not 7,500) and i bet you will get more views
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